Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kootanchoru rice

Mughalai's introduced us biryani, have you ever wondered, what would our ancestors made for one pot meal before biryani. my grand mom's never prepared biryani. but they prepare delicious kadamba sambhar sadam.  it is not at all our tradition to have biryani. slowly now biryani is ruling all over here in tamil nadu. now a days its very difficult to spot kootanchoru or sambhar sadam in hotel menu(all the bhavan's have. i agree. but others?)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sodhi Kulambu ~ tirunelveli special

Sodhi, also known as mapillai sodhi, a speciality kulambu/gravy made in tirunelveli, kanyakumari districts. This sodhi is prepared for the newly married groom by his mother in law, when the groom first visits bride’s home. Lovely occasion isn’t it? Traditionally this sodhi kulambu is served with inji thuvayal/ginger chutney. When I prepared and ate, I felt spicy potato poriyal or roast will go really well with this sodhi.

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