Thursday, October 24, 2013

Motichoor ladoo recipe

Motichoor laddu

This is one of my favorite sweets these days. My favorite orange color attracts me to these ladoo i guess. i was quite determined to make this motichoor ladoo for this diwali. it was decided last diwali itself. i was searching for boondhi laddle with small holes for the past one year. i could not find it. compromising it, i made these motichoor ladoo with my normal boondhi laddle. check my boondhi laddu recipe, to know about the boondhi laddle and the other laddle's needed to make these motichoor ladoo.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dry Fruits Laddu

Dry fruits laddu is also known as Antina unde in karnataka. It is also prepared in maharashtra for krishna jayanthi. When we were in bangalore, we used to buy these laddu's quite often. Me and hubby will be guessing the ingredients in the laddu one be one. We both love this laddu a lot. As it is not very much available in Chennai, i thought of making these healthy laddus for this diwali.

dry fruits laddu

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tomato Thokku ~ Travel food

Thakkali Thokku

My favorite food for a picnic would be Idly with tomato thokku.  If we plan to eat our break fast on the way of travel, i prepare chinna vengaya thokku (small onion chutney) or tomato thokku to have with idlies. these two thokku varieties will perfectly go with idly.
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