Thursday, July 16, 2020

My experiences in Vande Bharat Mission and delhi quarantine

We moved to California exactly 2 years ago and as iam not active in blogging I did not update here. 3 days back we moved back to India via Vande Bharat Mission.

From march I took care on not going out for grocery shopping or even say panicked very much for a outside walk. But life throws challenges at you and you should be brave enough to face it. We were asked to book tickets to India by my hubby company and from then the journey started. I was thankfull to beautiful souls who gave me strength and were helpful even now. This keeps me moving and it's the secret of my Strength.
This blog post is to share my experiences and few may find helpful. So first we registered at indian embassy site and then booked tickets in Air India vande bharat mission. It's not that easy to book as there are high demand. Recommend you to check tickets in website and app whenever you find time. keep checking air India site, they will release flight schedules and you can book accordingly.

Once we booked tickets, we started to sell, donate and wind up things we had and started packing.

First we ordered masks, hand gloves, sanitizers and wipes. I carried it all in my handbag which weighed 8kg with my other gadgets.

We boarded our flight at San Francisco and they did temperature check and asked us to fill an undertaking form.

It was 16hrs non stop journey. Air India provides 2 meals, snacks, water bottles, basic mask, wipes, face shield and a white coat like thing only to middle row passenger.

We should be mindful in not touching our nose. That's what I did. Few hours once used hand sanitizers and used hand gloves when I went to rest room. Few may hold your aile seat for a hold. So be mindful in cleaning your hands once a while. It was very difficult to wear n95 mask. I wore a basic mask which completely shielded my nose and mouth.

I thought journey will be more difficult. But things proved me wrong. Journey was comfortable and when I got down at delhi airport the trauma started. We were made to wait almost 11 hours after 16 hrs journey and passengers from other countries who landed also mixed with us. It exposed us to many people, which certainly could have been avoided.

They split us in groups a,b,r likewise.Only families with infants were spared I guess. Others were made to wait. Passengers from punjab, haryana, up, rajasthan were also moved separately. Other passengers were put in groups and made to wait. Even if you have next flight in few hours you should undergo this waiting. Even elderly in wheel chairs were not spared.
It took us 11.30 hrs to come out of airport. As I said even elders in wheel chair assistance also took same time. It takes 11.30 hrs for 1.thermal screening 2. Waiting for immigration checks 3. Baggage claims 4. To surrender passport 5. Medical check up/ temperature check up by delhi government 6. We are questioned in hard tone for not downloading arokiasetu app 7. To fill a undertaking form for home quarantine or hotel quarantine. You should have proper proof for home quarantine. For hotel quarantine delhi government helps us to choose from star and budget hotels.
Once we chose hotels, we will be made to wait not more than 20 mins for a bus to pick us and our baggages. A police vehicle escorts to make sure we reach hotels safely without escaping I'm between. Regarding hotel quarantine from which free wifi iam typing this post...

its a comfortable stay and they provide 3 meals at your room doorstep and ring bell. It's like my boarding school. Everyday they check our temperature. Will update about my next part of journey.

You can skip delhi quarantine if you have a place to stay and be in home quarantine and booked a flight to your home state.

Seen elders in wheel chair assistance booked hotel for a day and travel the next day to home state.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Broccoli Rice for kids lunchbox

I know i have been missing here for a long time. So to break the ice, am sharing this broccoli rice recipe with you guys. Its so easy to make. My son loves broccoli, i just grill the broccoli florets and serve him. i even have in my draft of grilled broccoli. will soon share here. so one day i decided to make rice with broccoli for his lunchbox. It came out well and i photographed to share here.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

moong dal halwa ~ பாசி பருப்பு அல்வா

I completely lost track of blogging. Since i felt i was so obsessed with blogging and checking comments, likes, etc. I thought of staying away for a while. also i had to tutor my son. which left me no time to to revive blogging. but i always  think of what to cook , what props to buy, i even have a lot of drafts pending :) also blame my laziness! Now after a while, when i want to resume, blogging, as gone way ahead, i cant even figure out how much i missed and and how much i am lagging.

Diwali is just a week away and this Diwali 2016 is very special for us because its our Anniversary too. Our son is very much expecting 29th October:) Since its Double Dhamakha, I wanted to make the blog buzzing with sweets:-)
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