Thursday, April 17, 2008


Iam here sending this Sweet Cottage Cheese Ball's Swimming in Milk to the Click Contest. If i have to choose one dish, in which iam master, i will choose this. So far i have prepared this Sweet Cottage Cheese Ball's 7 to 8 time's, and all my apartment friends have tasted it and appreciated it. My Blogging Friend's have also tasted these sweet cottage cheese ball's in sugar syrup and appreciated me. This dish always remain close to me. This was also featured in foodie view's Recipe Roundup: Delightful Dessert's by Meeta.
Here Comes the Recipe..
Milk - 3 litres ( 2 litres for making paneer and 1 litre for making Rasa/Milk syrup.)
Vinegar- 3 tbsp's
Water-5 cup's
Sugar- 16 tbsp's( 8 for Sugar Syrup and 8 for Rasa/Milk Syrup)
Saffron- 8 pieces
Pista-10 finely chopped
Maida flour- 1tsp
Cardamon-2 (crushed)
This is the Traditional Method of preparing Rasmalaai's. thou it may sound a long process, you can trust and try for a perfect outcome. but it is not at all difficult. even beginner's can try. it wont let you down. there are several process in preparing these rasmalaai's. Iam splitting it into 4 process.
I. Preparation of Whey Water
II. Preparation of Paneer
III. Preparation of Sugar Syrup
IV. Preparation of Milk Syrup/Rasa
Now comes the process in detail..
I. Preparation of Whey Water:
Boil Two Litres of milk and let it cool. Refrigerate the milk for 12 hours. The next day or after 12 hours, remove the thick layer of skin/ paal adai/meegada formed over the milk. Now boil the milk, when the milk boils, add vinegar. wait for a minute or two. the paneer will start floating on top and the whey water will stay on the bottom of the vessel. Now with a muslin or a cotton cloth, filter the paneer. Pour 2 cups of water over the paneer on muslin cloth, to remove the sourness of vinegar.  Now Squeeze the whey out of paneer  and tie well and let it hang on for one hour, till the whey water drops out.
What to do with the Whey Water?
Let the whey water get soured. that is leave it for a time of 1 week to get soured. after that pour it into a bottle and refregirate it. this soured whey water will be good for one year of time. when you want to make paneer, you can use this whey water instead of vinegar/lemon juice.
Whey water can be used to prepare chapathi or Roti, which makes them super soft.
II. Preparation of Paneer:
As we have tied and hanged the paneer in muslin cloth to let out the whey water, wait for an hour and squeeze them well. remove from the cloth and shift to a broad vessel. Now just prepare the paneer, as we knead the dough for chapathi/roti, in the same way knead the paneer, for 5 minutes atleast, till you feel it dont have much moisture content in it. now add a spoon of maida flour to the paneer and make it as small small ball's remember the balls will become double in size after putting it and boiling it in sugar syrup. so make a medium size paneer ball's. with 2 litres of milk you can prepare 12 or 13 paneer ball's.
What all can I Do with the Paneer?
You can also prepare Rasagulla, Cham-Cham, ofcourse Rasamalaai with the paneer.
III. Preparation of Sugar Syrup:
In a wide-bottomed pressure cooker, add three cups of water and eight table spoons of sugar. let it boil. Now when it boils, add the paneer ball's one by one on to it. dont afraid of the ball's getting broken. if you have kneaded the paneer well, it wont get broked. let it get pressure cooked for 10 minutes in slow flame or for 2 whistles.
Now let the steam get out and open the cooker and see the double-sized paneer ball's. slightly press each and every ball with a back of spoon to emit the excess sugar syrup.
IV. Preparation of Milk Syrup/Rasa:
When you are starting to prepare sugar syrup. start making milk syrup/rasa side by side. Have one litre of milk in a wide bottomed vessel and let it boil and get reduced into half of the quantity. add eight table spoons of sugar and mix well. add saffron and crushe cardoman to it and mix well. put the paneer ball's into the rasa/milk syrup. let it boil in slow flame for about 5 mins. Then cool it down and refregirate it.
Serve with chopped pistachios on top. Yummy Rasmalaai's are here for you now..

Enjoy preparing Rasmalaai's.
Now iam sending these spongy yummy rasmalaai's to Srivalli hosting JFI-Festival Treat's. and to Mythreyee hosting Milk Sweets-Spongy Texture.


  1. Beautiful rasmalais, Lavi! Don't worry about not having time. Enjoy the precious moments with the kutti. 11 months old already?? Wow! :)

  2. Rasamalai is beautiful! came out so perfect. U ve a small baby, definetly, u should be busy! Hugs to u and for the Little one :)

  3. Wow.nice rasamalais..would love to taste yoours dear..And enjoy ur maximum time with ur lil one..

  4. mouth-watering rasmalai, Lavi! Have fun with your little one.

  5. Beautiful Rasmalai Lavi.Enjoy ur time with ur son...dont worry

  6. looks so yumm lavi!enjoy ur time with ur little one:)

  7. thanks Lavi, ur ras malai looks awesome.. i tried to make them once, but it was a big flop :D

  8. Hey lavi dear,It's so nice of you to try out my recipe. Looks really yummy.

  9. have come out really great!..the bowl looks delicious!

  10. Hi,

    First time on your blog and loved it...Saw your entry for the Click-Wood event on Bee`s site. Was a beautiful one i must say. Your rasamalais also look super spongy and yummy!!! Do visit my site too when you find time.

  11. Lovely click, will follow ur tip when I try it next time! Thank you!!!

  12. If I am not mistaken, this kind of desserts are consumed by Bengali people. Once my old friend tried out this at her place, that time I had no chance to learn. This time it would definitely be a keeper.

  13. Thankyou for sharing this recipe with ICC cooking challenge.It was my 1st attempt at making this dish and it turned out really well thanks to your amazing recipe.Your ras malai looks delicious.
    Do drop by simplyfood and give your verdict on my attempt.

  14. Hi thanks lavi, for visiting me and leaving such beautiful comments.., enjoyed rasamalai so much, your click is very good and looks so yummy...

  15. hey Lavi (we have very similar name :))

    love your space,thanks for the elaborate explanation of this wonder dessert, have never made paneer myself, but reading your detailed steps I feel bit more confident to try it.


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