Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Unripe Meets the Ripe One's

Colour of Tomatoes always attracts me. Here they meet the unripe one's for Click Natural.

Last Sunday i tasted this Green Tomato Dal in Anjappar Restaurant nearby. So it tempted me a lot to try so fast. here the recipe.


1. Chana Dal-1/4 cup
2. Green Tomatoes-4
3. Red chilli-3
4. Onion-1
5. Salt
6. Turmeric powder


Pressure Cook the Chana Dall for upto 4 whistles and keep it aside. now in a kadai, heat a spoon of oil, add mustard, curry leaves and dry red chilli's. on frying it, add sliced onions and fry well. now add the pieces of green tomatoes and fry, add salt and saute for a minute. now add the boiled chana dall and mix well. add a cup of water and let the green tomatoes to get cooked. add little salt and turmeric powder and mix well. after they are cooked, garnish it with corriander leaves and serve hot with rice.

The light tangy flavour of these unripe tomatoes certainly tasted well along with chana dall.
do give a try if you are looking for a change in taste.


  1. Wonderful photo, love green and red Tomatoes!:)

  2. My husband's fav Lavi.I make a different way.urs look yummy

  3. My husband's fav Lavi.I make a different way.urs look yummy

  4. green tomatoes look so lovely.. nice click

  5. Mmm, the dish looks very inviting!

  6. thanks for your entry, dear lavi.

  7. Thank You Asha For your comments. it has been a long break without your words.

    It has started to be my favourite too kamala.

    Thanks anjalai, Namratha

    Glad to hear from you bee. thanks for such a lovely event.

  8. Lovely click. The tomato curry is tempting , i want to taste the anjapar curry now!

  9. love the photo lavi - never had the tomato dal at anjappar - gotta try it sometime... thanks!

  10. Nice pic....there's a natural contrast in the colours...

  11. Nice pic, the recipe too :-)

  12. Lovely pic, Lavi and that recipe sounds really delicious! :)

  13. Lavi, I've tagged you for a MeMe, take a look at my blog! :)

  14. What a great way to use green tomatoes, looks yummy :)

  15. lovely click and thanks for the recipe too Lavi


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