Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mudakatraan Dosai

East or West.....South or North..every where there are dosa's rushing for Srivalli's Dosa Mela..
my dosa's are also on the track..

This dosa is based on a green leaf called as Mudakatraan/Mudakathaan. It is rich in calcium,Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Since this generates body heat. it should not be consumed we do with other leafs. It helps in aiding joint aches on our knees,hips and backaches. its just a medicine in the form of dosa's. it also cures constipation problems. this Leaf tastes very bitter..when i was bitter than neem leaves. it can be cooked either in the form of dosa's or in the form of vada's. but on these cannot feel the bitterness. Now coming to the method of preparing..Just the leafs has to be grinded well into a thick paste and then it should be mixed well with the dosa batter. allow it ferment and prepare dosa's normally.

Mudakatraan dosa with Tomato Kara chutney. chutney recipe from Nirmala's blog..
absolute match for the dosa..thanks Niramala for sharing.

Other Mudakatraan Keerai Dosa post by kamala

How it Tasted?
It was so00 tasty. if you get a chance of trying this..please don't miss. According to me the taste was little similar to pesarat.

My paper roast for Srivalli's Dosa mela.

Tips To make Perfect Dosa:
1. Be in a Good mood while Trying Dosa's.
2. The Tava should be a well practiced one.
3. Have a seperate tava for Chapathi and Dosa.
4. The consistency of the batter should be in correct should not be watery.
this is what i have learned so far..if you know some more tips..please share it with me.
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