Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pasta Breakfast

One Day night, hubby complained, not to bore him with usual idli, dosa or kanji's for break-fast. so i planned this Pasta Breakfast for him, the next day. soaked some chickpeas, before going to bed. next day, it was breeze to prepare this breakfast. If you are wondering about the pasta's in the pic, those are the one's that i bought at Spencer's store for rs.12.

Pasta with Egg

First Boil the 1/4 cup of Pasta in a cup of water for 5 to 7 mins. and drain them. wash them with clean water and drain them again.
Cook the soaked chickpeas in pressure cooker with little salt.
Chop 3 broccoli florets ann keep aside.
Chop a Tomato.
Heat a Pan, add a tbsp of oil.
Drop the chopped tomatoes to the Pan and saute it well. add salt and Pepper powder to taste.
Add Broccoli and Cooked Chickpeas and saute along with the Tomatoes in the pan.
Add Cooked Pasta to the Pan and mix well.
Break a egg on heated Tava, sprinkle little salt and pepper powder over the egg and leave it for half a minute and transfer to the Pasta Bowl.

Serve Hot!!

Pasta with Chickpeas and Broccoli

If you want to know, If i tried different breakfast's then, No it was usual Cornflakes, Koozh and ofcourse easy idli's.


  1. a nice devaition from the usual fare.. temepting pasta..

  2. Never had Pasta for breakfast but I can understand it's so boring to eat the same breakfast everyday. With Eggs it makes a fine start for the morning.

  3. Adding chana to pasta is a nice idea. Must have made for a filling breakfast.

  4. Wat a filling breakfast, adding channa to pastas sounds very interesting..

  5. Quick & very healthy..Love the click

  6. I make pasta for evening snack or for dinner,never tried with chickpeas, sounds like a healthy addition,with broccoli ajay sure would love this :)

  7. Lovely breakfast recipe. Looks so good and filling. YUM!!!!

  8. Brocoli chickpeas wat a healthy combination...luved the buls eye pic very much!

  9. easy n delicious pasta recipe...yum!

  10. Dear Lavi,

    A very nice and wholesome breakfast with nice and hearty combination of pasta,broccoli,chickpeas and egg.

    I would like to let you know that I just started an event with whole foods and the present theme is wholegrains: barley.Would love to see your delicious entries for this event and also would like to know if you are intereseted in hosting this event in the future.Let me know.Thank you.

  11. This looks absolutely delicious! I actually recently made this pasta dish from this company called Tastybite's Lentil Pasticio: it was sooo good and my boys loved it so much that they ate it for bfast the next morning! I will definitely be trying this recipe for breakfast the next time though!

  12. Looks yummy!! Love the pasta!!

  13. I don't know if i can eat pasta 4 breakfast but my son will be ready! The egg on top makes it more attractive!

  14. Quite different and innovative breakfast!

  15. Nice recipe lavi. Never tried pasta for breakfast. Very interesting recipe.


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