Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hotel Dosa recipe

My son kept asking me, why don't try to make crisp dosa's like in hotels. when i was able to make good dosa's today, i cant postpone in sharing the recipe with you. so on breaking my month long gap, here i am. I got a Happy News to share with you all. Yes finally my blog got its own domain name. I am proud and happy looking my blog with .com extension. Thanks to my blog readers and blog friends for all the encouragement. 

Coming to this hotel style dosa, got the recipe from Revathi Shanmugam's Tiffin Varieties book. I just gave a try and the dosa's turned out pretty good. When i tasted, it was more like karnataka / mysore style dosa in taste. the colour of the dosa is nice golden colour, which may be because of adding sugar. This dosa batter will work fine, if you are planning masal dosai for your guests.

Hotel Dosa Recipe

recipe from revathi shanmugam's tiffin varieties
makes about 25 dosa's
soaking time : 4 hrs
fermentation time: 8-10 hrs.

Hotel Dosa Recipe

Prep Time40 mins 
Cooking Time: 05 mins  
Recipe CuisineIndian
Recipe TypeBreakfast


Par boiled rice / puzhungal arisi - 2 cup's
Raw rice / pacha arisi - 1/2 cup
Urad dal - 1/2 cup
Toovar dal - 1 tbsp
Chana dal - 1 tbsp
Fenugreek - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Salt - 1 tbsp


    Wash and soak the rice, dal' s, and fenugreek together. soak them in water for about 4 hours.

    After soaking grind them into a smooth batter. add little water while grinding to get the smooth batter. You can use your mixie to grind. i used mixie and it just took 5 minutes to finish the grinding work. transfer the batter to a big bowl, so that it has space when the batter doubles on fermentation. add salt to the batter and let it ferment on your kitchen top for overnight or 8-10 hours.

    After fermentation mix the batter well and add sugar to the batter and give a mix.

    Heat a dosa tava, sprinkle few drops of water to find the tava got heated up or not. the water should sizzle and evaporate soon. then add a drop of oil and use a slice of Brinjal or a potato to spread the oil on the tava.

    Pour 2 heaped laddle full of batter to the centre of the tava and make a big circle with the help of laddle. spray oil to the sides of the dosa and let it turn golden colour and flip the dosa so that the other side is also cooked. it takes 90 seconds for each dosa to be cooked at high flame.

    Serve hot with sambhar or chutney. i will soon share my hotel sambhar recipe with you.

    Its such a easy recipe, of soaking rice and dal's together and grinding them together, instead of grinding separately.  also the dosa turns out crispy and comes in nice golden colour. but eat the dosa hot. its not good, when the dosa gets cooled down!!

    One of my friend had tried twice this dosa, after i had posted here. it seams her family loves this dosai!


    1. Congrats on ur own domain..Thanx for the crispy dosa recipe..

    2. nice..will try out soon...pls dont forget to post hotel Sambhar recipe.waiting for that.thanks.

    3. Congratulations on moving to your own domain, Lavi.

    4. Way to go Lavi. i did not know it was not a .com. The dosai looks very crunchy. Will try this version next time. Thanks for sharing.

    5. Looks super shaped cone and all time favorite.


    7. thanks for sharing this one..will be useful for me as my son loves such crispy dosas too!!

    8. congratulations to you!!
      very crispy dosa as u son asked....hope he enjoyed!!!

      if u have time plz visit my blog and be my friend

    9. Wow they came out super prefect.Congrats on ur own domain.

    10. hi
      could u tell me what is to be done with the par boiled ?

      1. it should also be soaked. soak the raw and par boiled rice and dal together.

    11. Looks delicious!

    12. Nice and detailed post, thanks for sharing the secret to make soft dosas!

    13. Tis be amazing taste. It was soooo crispy, I lost my tooth. I enjoyed tus comidas. I swallowed that tooth...and then I coughed it back up into an inflatable beach it's just bouncing around in thank you very much.

      - Raj Kumar Sreenivassan (Zimbabwe)


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