Thursday, October 30, 2014

Vegetable Kolhapuri ~ Kolhapuri Vegetable Curry with Kolhapuri masala recipe

Cooking regional cuisines with their own special chilly is like bringing the same flavor and heat required for the dish. If you happen to find Kashmiri chilly, Goan chilly, Guntur chilly, Bedgi chilly, do try the regional special recipes. This Vegetable Kolhapuri needs kolhapuri lavangi mirchi to get the right spice and color for the dish.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tirunelveli Halwa ~ Halwa with Cracked Wheat

Thirunelveli Halwa

Making our traditional sweets brings more happiness. Tirunelveli halwa is my hubby's favorite. He always buys a pack of halwa whenever he visits tirunelveli. I wanted to try this halwa for this diwali, first i was little hesitant to try as it takes lots of ghee to make. Watching masterchef and all the cookery shows, i gathered my confidence and tried it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jangri Recipe ~ How to make Jhangri


Yes! I made it! I jumped out of joy when i saw my jangri holding its shape, i was very thrilled when i tasted crispy and hot jangris. Jangri is my favorite sweet. I like to eat it warm. My Grand father would buy me warm jangri from sweet stalls, and i would devour it! Bliss!! Every diwali i used to experiment making jangri. after failing for 4 years, this time i cracked the jangri code. everyone appreciated it. My son is my best critic. he said its Nice, but it should be more sweet like the ones in sweet shops. Yes he was right. Sweet shops jangri are more sweeter than mine.
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