Wednesday, December 12, 2007

About me

I am Lavanya. just call me Lavi. I stay in chennai with my hubby & my sweet naughty 5 year old son. My native is Pondicherry, the most beautifull and the smallest compact city. I hail from a Agriculture family. i am a Telugu girl brought up in Tamil Nadu and in Pondicherry. Though we call our self vegetarians, we eat eggs;) so I am a Eggetarian!

How I  Started my blog?

My foray into cooking had started when i was in my college. i love to cook bread upma, idli upma, maggi noodles(customized for my brother) and pizza. My brother loves to eat, whatever i cook for him. so it used to be fun, trying pani puri & different snacks for him when he comes back from school. After marriage, the cooking experience i had before did not help me. slowly i started to learn right from sambhar. i believe a good eater can be a good cook. i am definitely a good eater.

I have been blessed to watch my great grand mother, my avva's cooking and being in my grand mother's kitchen helping her make badam halwa, seedai and eating my mom's delicious food.  

                                                             Badam halwa
So when my son born in 2007, i was out of kitchen for 6 months, leaving it to my cook. after 6 months i had to cook. i was craving for ennai kathrikkai kuzhambu, and googled for it, landed on Mahanandi blog, tried the recipe and loved it. later i explored the blog and found many other food blogs, instantly i started one by giving a name " Home Cook Receipes". From then its a wonderful blog journey. i recently got my own domain and now my blog is "Home Cooks Recipe". 

                                                                 Kaju sweets
Experience in blogging:

The blog was started to share what i knew, slowly i started to learn and try new recipes across states and countries to blog. when i get comments from those who tried and liked my recipe, i feel happy & more responsible. now i am taking much care in writing the recipe and the measurements. Blogging also helped me to come out of my depression, post partum blues. Friends i made with my blog are so kind and they are very much supportive to me. 

                                                        Ennai Kathrikkai Kuzhambu

I developed my interest in food photography and i go mad in trying  to click decent pictures. Blogging have completely changed me in one aspect. i am person with very less interest in shopping. but after starting blogging, i became the exact opposite. my hubby comments like this, "You may cross 7 oceans and go to the corner of the world, if you need any props for your blog". yes its true!  I like myself to get involved here and forget my worries and share good food for you all..

My Favorite Three - Hubby, Son and Sun.

How to contact or to stay in touch: 

You can mail me at and stay in touch via my Facebook and at Google+ to get the updates. 


I will keep updating this page, as i progress in my blog. Thank you for taking time to read about me.

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