Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mysore Pak

just gave a try to my favourite sweet mysore came out well...which was a shock for me.


1. gram flour/besan/maida pindi/kadalai mavu- 1/2 cup
2. sugar-1 cup
3. ghee-1/2 cup


to make sugar syrup:

first have a thick bottomed vessel and put the sugar on it..add water till the sugar get soaks.. now let it melt and syrup gets formed..the end point is the sugar syrup when dropped on a plate it sould stand like a pearl.

now add the gram flour and ghee simultaneously...also you should keep on stirring...
when it starts putting on bubbles and wind up and come..this is the point to shift to a ghee spread plate. let it cool for 5 minutes...with a ghee applied knife cut it..but dont take it from the plate..after it got can remove and serve..

literally it takes 15 minutes to prepare....but to get set and get cooled it gets nearly 30 minutes..
enjoy it hot..


  1. need to improve english, recipe is good

  2. your food is so good

  3. Hi Lavi,

    I was always looking for a recipe where the Mysore pak is soft. I tried earlier it got very hard. But thanks for ur recipe it looks simple and mouth watering. I will try this soon and let u know.


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