Thursday, December 27, 2007

Combo-Tomato Rice&Curd Rice with Vada

Tomato rice and Curd rice combo will perfectly suit for picnic's, lunch boxes.

it is also very easy to make..along with potato chips or something will be fulfilling.

Ingredients for Tomato Rice:

1. Ripe Tomatoes-6

2.Garlic-15 cloves

3.Mustard-1/4 spoon

4.Fenugreek-8 seeds

5.Red chilli-4-5

6.Urad dal-1/2 spoon

7.Chana dal-1/2 spoon

8.Curry leaves-8

9.Corriander leaves-to garnish



12.Chilli powder-1 tsp

13.Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp


Usually i prepare tomato thokku and mix it with rice instead of pressure cooking the rice with the tomatoes.

Tomato thokku:

arrow_42 First have a kadai and add 10 tsp's of oil and add mustard seeds..after it splutter,add fenugreek,redchilli,urad dal,chana dal. after they are roasted add curry leaves and garlic..roast the garlic.

arrow_42 Now add finely chopped tomatoes. fry them.add salt,turmeric powder and chilli powder to it. fry atleast for 10 minutes till the tomatoes wind up and come..also when oil seperates.

arrow_42 Have the rice spread on a plate and have 2 spoons of oil and spread it and let the rice get cooled. now add the tomato thokku to it and mix well. garnish it with corriander leaves..

it tastes so good..give a try.


  1. hi lavi...i m following ur blog from long....many recipes came out really problem i faced is u havnt metioned serving in ur wil b good if u mention servings..............



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