Monday, December 31, 2007

Ashoka halwa

Ashoka halwa or Moong dhall halwa. a very easy and tasty the same time very healthy one too..


1. Moong dhall/pasi paruppu-1 cup

2.sugar-2 cups

3.Ghee-1 cup

4.wheat flour- 3/4 cup


6.cashews and almonds

7.milk-3 cups


first pressure cook the dhall with milk for 4 whistles. then allow it to cool down. add sugar to it..and mash it finely and keep it aside.
Soak the saffron in 2 teaspoons of milk.
Have a Wide skillet and heat the ghee..add the wheat flour to it and keep stirring finely. you will notice a color change in it. at that point add the dhall to it and keep stirring. now add the saffron milk to the mixture. now the halwa should come should not stick to the kadai..this is the stage to stop the flame. do all this in low flame. now add ghee roasted cashws and grated almonds..
this is a different halwa where the flavour of moond dall pleases you. its name is thiruvayaru ashoka halwa. hope this matches this marghazhi utsav.
easy to the same time an healthy one too..

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