Saturday, December 29, 2007

kuzha puttu

this is a kerala tiffin type..also very famous in southern parts of tamil make this you need a puttu can also be steamed in idly cooker..

i usually do this with store bought puttu podi. this is like idiyappam pindi/mavu. this can also be done in ragi and wheat..intresting right..

another intresting factor is you can steam this within it would take less than 5 mins.


1.puttu podi-2cups

2.salt a pinch


4.grated coconut-1/2 cup


have flour in a basin and add pinch salt to it. now mix the flour by sprinkling water..keep a note that the flour should be mixed that it should look like grated coconut...very soft. so just keep on sprinkling water and mix.. then on puttu maker first add coconut grated a spoon full. and a fistfull of mixed one upon the other.till the puttu maker pipe/kuzha gets filled. the bottom of the puttu maker should be filled with water and heated. not place the kuzha upon it. when the steam comes from is ready. now you remove the pipe/kuzha alone and with a spoon press the puttu on the will come without any breaks..

you can eat it with sugar,raosted cashews and dry grapes.


  1. Hey lavi,
    Your Puttu looks so delicious, I love to make this but i don't think i'll get puttu podi here, I just want to know can I use steamed rice flour instead of this.

  2. fry the raw rice and powder it. else you can use brown rice(powder it). you can do this without puttu maker by stuffing inside coconut shell and steaming it.

  3. As I dont have a puttu maker I guess I can make use of small cups in steamer and put it in the oven.I am gonna try it and hopefully it should work.


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