Thursday, April 3, 2008

Playing with Bitter Gourd#2

Thank You all for suggesting me the stuffing combo's. I will pick the best idea's from every one. soon you can see me posting bitter gourd stuffs.

When I want to prepare a stuffing..Nothing Came to my mind except potatoes. I boiled them..peeled the skin..mashed well..i added chilli powder and jeera powder. mashed it well. With the help of small spoon i kept the filling inside the Bitter Gourd Basket.

Then i had two choices before is boiling the stuffed Bitter Gourd Baskets(BGB) and the another is frying them in the oil.
If BGB is let to boil in may loose its colour and the filling may split. so i preferred to fry them.

First i made those BGB sit in the oil kadai. so that the basement gets fried first. and then on the sides..Did you notice basket went missing. basket was dipped in besan flour+rice flour(bajji maavu/Fritter flour) for a trial. it came out very crispy and tasty.this basket can be cut into slices of Ring and made as fritters..but here i did not want them as a Starter..i wanted to prepare a side-dish for Rice using this BGB. Thus the remaining were Fried.

What kind of gravy will suit best for this Baskets to sit?
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