Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Playing With Bitter Gourd#1

Bitterness in life.."who would like to prefer?" You know only if you go through such bittery times you will know the value of life and the value of sweet. I have realized, after bitterness there is going to be some Nice things that are to occur.

Coming To the Topic..I enjoyed playing with these Bitter Gourd's last Sunday. I have tasted this Dish in a restaurant in Bangalore. From then i was thinking to try..but i could'nt. when pooja announced Bitter Gourd as the Vegetable of the Week..i Jumped into the pool.

Here Displaying with what I played and had a Good Time and Good Lunch:)

2 Bitter Gourd's Cutted into pieces

With a knife i deseeded them leaving the bottom part to look like a basket..

One more view of my Bitter Gourd Basket(BGB)

Now I want you all to participate in the game..what all could be stuffed inside this Bitter Gourd Basket?

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