Monday, June 2, 2008

Butter Capsi-Paneer Curry

This is yet another dish that had never let me down. and iam thanks to this recipe since my Husband accepted me as a good cook when i made this for the first time.

All You Need to Do this Capsi-Paneer are:

1. Paneer Cubes -1 cup
2.Capsicum- 1/2
5.Corriander Leaves- 1 cup
6.Chilly powder
7.Butter- 1/4 cup


1. Cut the paneer into cubes and roast it in a Tava, without oil. roast it on both the sides. keep it aside.

2.Now have 4 spoons of oil and fry the onions and tomatoes and corriander leaves. fry it well. let them cool and grind it into a paste.

3.Now have oil in kadai and fry the capsicum cutted in cube shapes.

4.After frying it, add fried paneer,the grinded paste, chilly powder, Turmeric powder a pinch and salt. Mix well and let them boil for 3 minutes.

5.Now add the butter and close it with a lid and let it done for 5 minutes. now it is ready to serve.
Now this all time favourite Butter Capsi-Paneer Curry is off to JFI/VOW hosted by Creative Pooja.


  1. Wow....this looks really yummy!Nice entry!

  2. Great combination Lavi and all that butter is added only at the end? Makes for a rich dish...

  3. Gravy looks fabulous Lavi, will try!:))

  4. When i saw the pic popping up i knew i will bookmarke this to make them.
    Looks so delicious

  5. Looks delicious Lavi and cilantro grinding should be aromatic too...

  6. Looks absolutely divine! Kalakals, ma. Super kalakals! :)

  7. I made a Paneer jalfriezy with the same combo minus butter in initial days of my cooking after marriage :). its on mu blog too .
    i just love it anytime spevcially with parathas... you bring those memories to me along with your entry :).
    thank you Lavi for this yummy dish :)

  8. curry looks deleciousss lavi

  9. This looks creamy! lovely recipe.

  10. this is a very different recipe, I will soon try this.. kalakkureenga :)

  11. This is a delicious combo of veggies and paneer...good one!

  12. Curry looks delicious! Lovely entry..

  13. my mouth is watering... wonderful pic
    Your dish varieties are inviting

  14. looks good but will comment on its taste once i have made it.

  15. Made this yesterday.. everyone loved it... Thank you so much for posting this receipe.. Its so simple yet very tasty!!!! :-)


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