Thursday, April 14, 2011

Elaneer Payasam

It took me 2 years-9 months, to try this Delicious Payasam. I instantly fell in love with Laavanya's Elaneer Payasam, the recipe is so simple. last week i tried and served for my friends(can also be called as food critics). They all Loved it very Much! Thanks Laavanya! The Recipe is so easy and simple, but it Tastes Heavenly. It just takes 5 minutes to prepare. but you got to chill the payasam for atleast 30 minutes. Ideal Dessert to try for this Summer Season!

Ilaneer Payasam


Tender Coconut Water and Pulp of 1 Tender Coconut / 1 elaneer vazhukkai yudan.
Sweetened Condensed Milk - 150 ml 
Milk(Boiled and cooled) - 1 cup / 200ml
Elachi - 1
Saffron strands - 3
Ghee - 1/4 tsp
Cashews - 3
Raisins - 3

Elaneer Payasam


Grind the Tender Coconut Water along with Pulp. Need not grind smoothly, as bits of coconut pulp tastes better in payasam.

Mix the Condensed milk with the Chilled Milk.

Now Mix the Grinded Pulp with Tender coconut water  to the Chilled Milk + Condensed Milk. Mix well.

Heat a small pan, add 1/4 tsp ghee, roast the cashews and raisins and add to the Payasam.

Add Crushed cardamom pods and Saffron strands to Payasam.

Chill them in fridge for about 30 minutes and serve.

Chilled Tender Coconut Sweet

Serve with small bits of Tender Coconut Pulp upon the Payasam.


* Payasam should be Watery. so adjust the milk and condensed milk ratio.
* You can reduce milk and add more tender coconut water.
* If you dont have Sweetened Condensed Milk, You can Sugar instead to the above recipe.
* Try to serve this payasam little chilled with less sugar, to enjoy the Nature's Best!
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