Monday, December 12, 2011

4 years of blogging

My blog baby turns 4 today. it all started with searching recipe in google for enna kathrikkai kuzhambu, somehow i landed on mahanandi. i explored the site the same day and read few comments and clicked some commenters names and went over their blogs. that was when i discovered blogging. what attracted me towards food blogging was drool worthy pictures. so when i started the blog, i posted just the pictures and not recipes. i was also lucky to have my college-mate to pinpoint my mistakes. she corrected me a lot in initial days and i still respect her comments and ideas.

My point and shoot camera was just 2 weeks old when i started blogging. everything was new to me at that time. even my son was just 6 months old. but i should say blogging helped me to come out of my postpartum depression blues. i should say blogging and my  son helps me all these days to relieve my stress.

I want to thank all my blog readers and blog friends this day, for all your support and beautiful comments you say whenever you visit me.

also thanks to my friends! sharmi thanks a lot for always keying me. also thanks to my hubby, for patiently taking me around the city, whenever i want to shop some props for blog and taste-testing all my ventures!!

Happy Birthday Rajinikanth!!

i intentionally started my blog on superstar's birthday!!

I prepared these sweets for diwali. will make a separate post on how to make carrot and apple sweet in few days. sorry for not posting with recipe.

Enjoy blogging, while i go now and catch up BABA movie.

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