Monday, April 8, 2013

Watermelon Ginger Juice

It's year after year i am complaining, how hot it is in chennai. This year water scarcity joins the club. so you should imagine my state(TN). Let's hope this coming monsoon gives enough rainfall!!

Watermelom Ginger Juice
Having a slice of water melon during summer is such a relief. You will feel chill inside on consuming, but you will be standing under the sun!! When i did my college in chidambaram, we had to cycle 2 kms from hostel to college, then return for lunch and then cycle back to college. We always manage to have a slice of water melon on our way to hostel for lunch.
Watermelon Juice

 In summer day's, i do not like cooking/eating, and i can just survive on water melon, tender coconut water and with curd rice. that's what we yesterday did.

Watermelon juice served with pudhina

Hubby suggested me to add a piece of ginger in the juice. believe me, i did not get  the taste of ginger in juice. so why not hide a piece of ginger in your glass of watermelon juice herein? Mint gave a refreshing look to the juice. i just served with mint sprig. you can also add 5 mint leaves while blending the melon.

                                                               WATERMELON  JUICE

makes - 2 glasses
preparation time - less than 5 mins.


Water Melon - 2 cup's (diced)
Ginger - an inch sized
Ice-cubes - 3
Mint Sprig - 2 to serve


Put the diced water melon, with or without seeds, a piece of ginger, ice-cubes in your mixie jar or in your blender, grind them for about 15-20 seconds. strain the juice out. serve chilled and see how your tummy enjoy's this chilled drink!


1. Either you can discard the seed's before you blend the melon. i prefer blending the water melon and then to strain the juice out. This works well for kids.

2. If using already refrigerated water melon, you need not use ice-cubes seperately. also there is no need for sugar and water to be added while blending.



  1. Love the ginger touch here, very refreshing juice.

  2. Wonderful when our better halves suggest recipes and it becomes a big hit. Looks delicious.

  3. Great way to beat the heat, Lavi. Watermelon is one of the blessings of summer.

  4. Love the idea of adding ginger here, never tried before though I love watermelon juice, as a matter of fact just had it yesterday with my usual grape juice and chia seeds mix. Please do send it to my "Healthy Me & Healthy Us" event (read the rules).

  5. Super!! I love watermelon juice!

  6. This seems great combination would like to drink for the summer vacation. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Great refreshment drink during summer.. nice idea.. thanks a lot. If you want to try south indian foods, check at
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  8. It is a summer drink. Looking very nice and tempting.

  9. lovely blog


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