Monday, October 20, 2008

Egg Dishes

Fried Egg with Onions / Poricha Muttai Poriyal:
Egg Curry/ Muttai Kuzhambhu:
Spicy Egg Curry/ Muttai Thokku:

Simple Boiled Egg's/ Vegavaitha Muttai:
The above dishes are tried by my hubby, when he was managing alone at Paris.
Before photographing these plates, sure he should have scolded me, because i was torturing him to photograph his dishes.
Hope i should get headache once in a week atleast, to make him cook....


  1. Perfect egg recipe..I make this often.wuith a little variations though..

  2. This shud be the first NV dish in the blog(although debates are not sure if egg is veg or not...hehhe)...yummy looking...

  3. You can always pretend to have a headache even when u don't :-))

  4. simple and delecious egg recipes

  5. hhaha...I thought you prepared those!..sure your hubby has got the perfect pictures!


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