Friday, October 24, 2008

Manathakkali & Sundakka Vatha Kuzhambhu

After Having a Look at Bharathy's Karakuzhambhu-The Chettinaad way, I could'nt postpone more in trying it. Today we had this vathakuzhambhu/Karakuzhambhu for our lunch.

Picture 479 copy

Thank You Bharathy, for sharing the recipe, This really gave me confidence, that i can also cook better.
For Recipe you can check here.

Slight Changes i made to this recipe are, instead of adding Aachi Kuzhambhu Milagaai thool, i added sambhar powder which she suggested. Thou i had aachi kuzhabhu milagaai thool, i wanted to find the difference in taste with sambhar powder. Her idea of using sambhar powder for Poriyal is working a lot for me. and now for vathakuzhambhu, it works still more..and i added very little tamarind, as we prefer in that way.

If you have tasted Grand sweets vathakuzhambhu, it was much of like that. dont miss it up.

For this winter season, you can prepare this Vathakuzhambhu, to warm up you.


  1. I love the versatility of Sambar powder Lavi and often use it for vathal kuzhambu, rice varieties and curries :) Your picture is so tempting.

  2. Oh! look at the kozhambhu! yummy! super! i want to eat it immed with rice and potato.....YUMMY!!

  3. I remember seeing in her place and drooling there and now i ma drooling here.
    I am sure you enjoyed eating them with plain rice, just writting the sentence is making me drool

  4. I am not a big fan of sambar powder but I use only Kuzhambu podi. The outcome looks perfect Lavi:)

  5. Nice spicy kulambu..Am drooling over this.

  6. thatz a nice dish .. lovely color it has got

  7. Great color, looks delicious!

  8. You combined both? I use them seperatly... looks tempting to me.

  9. mmm. this looks so mouth-watering.

  10. Wow!..seems I see a better Kuzhambu here :)..
    I am not an expert of this kuzhambu, though my hubby wants me to try this poondu kuzhanbu..
    I have other recipes of pulikkuzhambu and pulsu(versions of vathal kuzhambu) which I make after my MIL and mother respectively..
    Glad that you liked it and HUGS!

    Regarding microwave, seriously I dont have much Idea as I use it just for reheating purposes and making jacket potatoes..(Srivalli, the micro queen should be giving the best of suggestions..;))

    Happy Deewali to you, Lavi..
    Love your template too :)..It is really rocking!

  11. Wishing you and your family a happy diwali!

  12. That kuzhambu looks lip-smackingly good.I have two packs of manathakkali that I can never use up, but no sundakka, haven't seen it in the stores here either :(

  13. Mmm... Love vatha Kulambu... Your Pic creates the craving for it...


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