Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vazhathandu / Banana Stem Soup

Here the climate in chennai is cloudy and breezy. The Lightning and thunder's are really threatening..i have never heared such fiery thunderstorms all these years. Rain pours and pours with little passes in between. In this case, i just could watch some classic DVD's. and very rarely i get the mood of weB-LOGGING. Though i have lot of recipe's for posting it..these Vazhathandu/Banana Stem Soup recipe is having much priority, as it needs to be introduced to many people, specially for people in chennai.

First i will share about this Vazhathandu Sambhar, this is my favourite sambhar. i remember my grandfather making me eat these vazhathandu/banana stem, by telling, it will clear if any stones are in your kindney. If you have never tried Banana stem before, this is a good way to start, by trying Banana Stem/Plantain Stem Sambhar.

Picture 565 copy

For this, You have to cut the stem in round shapes of medium thickness..just pressure cook them along with tuvar dal/moong dal. and follow your usual Sambhar Recipe. For My Sambhar Recipe, Check Here.

Coming to the Soup Recipe..Cut the Plantain/Banana/Vazhathandu Stem into small small pieces. Let them boil in Water, till they get cooked. you can see the color change. take a spoon of corn flour and mix with a small cup of water. mix well without any lumps. now add the corn flour water to the pan, in which the plantain stem is boiling. add salt and pepper powder to it and let it boil and remove from the flame. if you wish, you can add sauses before serving.

Picture 540 copy

i will soon try vazhathandu juice and post it. I can assure you, that you will like vazhathandu sambhar..Will soon catch up with you all when sun shines again.......
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