Friday, February 20, 2009

Kaima Idli

I know, there are many die-hard fans for Saravana Bhavan Kaima Idli's. But iam not a great fan of it because, iam a die-hard fan of Tandoori idli, which is almost similar to kaima idli, except the spicy cashew gravy topped upon it. Soon i will post the recipe of my favo Tandoori Idli.


These Kaima Idli's are real sinful idli's as they are deep fried even after cooked. Sin once a while is excused, i hope.


Left Over Idli's: 4 [Cut into Square shape]
Onion: 1 [Finely Chopped]
Tomato: 1 [Finely Chopped]
Garlic: 4 [Finely Chopped]
Green Chili: 1 [Finely Chopped]
Green Capsicum: 1/2 [Finely Chopped]
Curry Leaves: 10
CorrianderLeaves: 2tsp [Finely Chopped]
Oil: 1 Cup [To Deep Fry the Idli's]
Oil: 2 tsp [To Saute the vegetables]
Chilly Powder: 1/4tsp [Adjust according to your Spice]
Salt: 1/4tsp
Lemon: 1/2 [juice]

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1. Cut the Idli's in square shape, as shown in picture and Deep Fry Them. If you have refrigerated the left over idli's, you have to get back those idli's to the room temperature before frying.

2. In a Pan, Heat oil, add mustard and let it pop. Now add Finely Chopped Garlic pod's and Curry Leaves and Saute.

3. Add the Onion's and saute it. Add Tomatoes and saute it well, so that it get mixed together with the onion's. add salt, turmeric powder and mix well.

4. Now add the Capsicum and saute them well. add the chilli powder. I preferred to add Kashmiri Chilli Powder, to add a little bit colour to the dish. mix well.

5. Add Your Fried Idli's and mix well with the masala's. add corriander leaves, before switching off the flame.

6. Serve by adding lemon juice over the kaima idli's.


Taste's Best with Onion Raita.

Posting the recipe for kaima idli is a long back dream coming true for me today. Hope you will try this only with left-over idli's. i dont want fresh idli's to take oil bath:)

Enjoy Your WeekEnd!


  1. I have never eaten kaima idli not tandoori idli. Sounds delicious.

  2. I've eaten a version of it called Idli manchurian. No matter what the name, its delicious!

  3. I love tandoori idli but never tasted kaima , such a catchy name! Delicious one Lavi!

  4. Hi..I guess this is my first time to comment here.I love your space.The deep fried crispy idli is so inviting.Brilliant pictures.Bookmarked your recipe :)

  5. wow i never tried this version of idli.they look so crispy and perfect

  6. I have neve rhad this it looks so delicious. Wish i could taste them.
    I am a die hard fan of sarvana bhavan :-)

  7. Oh wow droolworthy Idli's will try this version...

  8. Wow.. Thats lovely! I love kaima idlis. Does the idlis drink oil while frying?

  9. Lovely and delicious....I would try them.
    BTW, I have`nt tried Saravana Bhavan Kaima Idli.
    I have to try them on my next visit.

  10. Lavi..thats one tempting dish..lovely lovely!

  11. Ya this is famous in saravana bhavan. Even I follow the same step. I also add tomato ketchup along with the other ingredients..

  12. Looks fabulous, idli I loooove :-)

  13. Well illustrated Lavi, and its an interesting dish.

  14. Just sinfully delicious. Too tempting gal..

  15. I reserved few idlis for trying this out and made it today. I didnt deep fry them except that I blindly followed ur recipe, came out super delicious! But the color was not red and tempting like urs :) Will post the pics soon!

  16. Sharmilee...Waiting for your post!

    The colour depends on deep frying the idli's and the kashmiri chilli powder.

    Try deep frying for your kid, when she grows up:)

    Thanks for trying and letting me know:)

  17. HI i love khaima idlis of Saravan Bhavan .. i really relish that and this looks almost the same .. i thougth they add corn flour to get that crispy taste easy to make definetly i am gona try this out .....thanks for your receipe...anu

  18. TIZZZZZZZZ receipe sounds delicious......!!!!! kala

  19. It was delicious. Thanks for such an easy and wonderful recipe

  20. please give the procedure & demo of kaima idly in tamil language so that all of them will understand in tamilnadu.

  21. is there any other option for deep frying b'coz i am health concious.

  22. for crispy, take 1 spoon of maida and 1 spoon of cornflour with a pinch of salt and add little water. soke the piece of idlies for a while and put it into oil for frying. this method i tried and came out well.. hehe!!

  23. i was trying through to check out recipes of kaima idly and stumbled on ur post. I made almost similar to yours and it tasted great. Thanks :)

  24. I looooove the kaima idli from SB and have been wanting to try making it. Your recipe inspires me!


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