Monday, February 16, 2009

How Clean is your House?

I went missing from this Blog-World, as my son poured a glass of water on to my monitor, its transformer burnt into smokes(it was a bit scary scene for me and for my son it was his one of enjoyable moment..) it was indeed a nice experiment by my one and half year old kid-i say..what do you say?

Coming to the Topic of this post..How Clean is your House? I recently took a quiz under this topic from here. It was funny to read the questions and to respond. Do take it and analyse your Home cleaning skills.

Well, I will place a small quiz from my part...

1. Is your Pillow cover clean, Did you replace it at least a week before?

2. How About Your Curtains? Is it Clean? and was is washed 3 months back?

3. How are your Kitchen Napkins? Are they Tidy?

If your answers are yes..Cheer Up, You are really a Better Person!!!

I will give you some tips to make your home fresh.

1. Open up all your Window's and Door's and let the sunlight get into your house.

2. Replace your Kitchen Napkin's with Fresh one's. also have seperate Napkins for your Gas Stove, Your Mixer, Your Oven, etc.

3. Wash Your Foot Mats.

4. Always make sure, your Kitchen Sink is not occupied and clean your vessels then and ther when you cook.

thats it for now..

Why am I posting about this, instead of posting some recipe? its because, i havent got back into form, of writing a long recipe. I almost forgot my blogging skills. sure, i will gain back all my memories very very soon.


  1. Hope the cleaning solution will boost you to post soon a recipe Lavi. Thought you were very busy with ur Little one

  2. Hey Lavi, good to see you back. I daren't take that cleanliness quiz, though! :)

  3. Ofcourse my Little one is occupying me more now-a-days Cham. Thanks for the Regards!

    Lubna..Hopeyou enjoyed the test!!

    Vaishali..even i was like you before. Cool:)


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