Monday, January 5, 2009

Puffed Rice-Jaggery Ball's-a Visual Treat

Puffed Rice-Jaggery Ball's, I assume it is everyone's favourite snack. When we try this at home, its a real pleasure to present it before the family and say, that u prepared it. I did it and received raised eye-brows reactions and thus here i am presenting it before you all.It is not difficult to prepare, but You need to be little aware of the consistency of the jaggery syrup for this.

Puffed Rice Jaggery Balls front of Deepam

I prepared these Puffed Rice-Jaggery Balls for Karthigai Deepam. I could only find time, in this new year to post it for you all..

The Ingredients Here..
  • Puffed Rice-200gms
  • Jaggery-1/4 Kg(Grated)
  • Chopped Coconut-10 pieces
  • Cardamon pods-2
  • Water-Just to the level of Jaggery in the pan.

yyu Grate the Jaggery and put it in a pan. Pour the water so that the jaggery is made wet or just to the level of jaggery. say, if the grated jaggery comes to half cup, then half cup water is enough.

yyu Let the Jagger Dissolve in the water. after it had dissolved, filter it and shift it to a thick bottomed vessel, and place it on high flame.

yyu Let it Boil for Five minutes and keep checking the consistency, by dropping a drop of syrup into a bowl of water. the syrup should not dissolve in water, instead it should sit firm on the bottom of the bowl.

Checking For ConsistencyThick String Consistency

yyu When the syrup sits on the bottom of the bowl, slower the flame and add the crushed cardamon pods to it. Now switch off the flame.

yyu Have the Puffed Rice and the Coconut in a large bowl. Pour the Hot jaggery Syrup to the bowl and mix it with a Spoon or Fork.

yyu After a minute apply Oil on your palms and slowly start shaping them into ball shape. keep applying oil on your palm's after shaping two ball's. The oil is to avoid sticking of puffed Rice and Jaggery on our hands.

yyu Now place the balls in a air-tight container. Its texture is very good even for two days.

Look at the Chewiness......
Chewy Texture

The Chewy Texture is so good, if you don't want it to be so chewy, then choose the earliest stage of the jaggery syrup. There are different puffed Rice available, if you want the balls to be crispy, the you have to choose certain puffed rice.
Basket full of Delights..

Puffed Rice Jaggery Balls


  1. looks so tempting nice demo for the syrup

  2. My fav , but did`nt get time to make them for karthigai. Looks delicious.
    Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

  3. Wow...this looks yummy!

  4. U made for Deepam ... Looks so yummy Lavi

  5. excellent description given for the syrup.Snaps are equally good looking.

  6. I simply love these puffed rice balls, my granny (dad's mom) makes them all the time. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  7. PoriUrundais looks great,the pic that shows the consistency,looks aweesome

  8. Lavi, you brought back some great childhood memories with these lovely laddoos. Thanks! They look beautiful and delicious.

  9. Lavi, balls looks very delicious. awesome photos

  10. The pori urundai looks perfect...awesome pictures :-)


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