Friday, March 20, 2009

Butter Milk - My Entry For Click

It has been long time, since I Clicked for Jai and Bee's Click Event. Finally yesterday i was able to click these Picture's. I Clicked this Butter Milk Stirrer(Mathu). I use them very less, i feel the pulse mode in my mixer-grinder does better job than this.

Here is My Butter Milk Stirrer/Mathu taking rest after it's job..


Butter Milk in Mud Pot's and Shallot's on Coconut cup, and a green chilli for a byte, a basket of veggies, all on a bamboo mat.

How I Prepared Butter Milk:

Fistfull of corriander leaves,
1/2 inch of ginger,
5 fenugreek,
salt to taste
a pinch of asafoetida and
a cup of yogurt

Pulse them all for a second.

Then Do tadka with

Mustard-1/4 tsp and
Curry leaves-2 .
add them to the pulsed butter milk.

This is a Perfect drink for the Summer. It cool's you down in seconds on having it. It's heavenly with Pazhaya Sadham.

Butter Milk with Shallot's and Green Chilli
Iam gonna rush to my kitchen, to have a cup of butter milk, the above picture tempts me a lot!!

I also took one more picture, hope you all will find it intresting!! (or)
Will you all beat me with this??

Peace..white flower's are here to spread peace!!

Uruttu Kattai

R u Tempted to beat anyone, iam not here.


  1. Love the pics..Buttermilk picture is my fav.I also clicked some pics with coconut shell for the CLick event but later settled down with something else.Will post mine soon :)

  2. gorgeous photo and concept Lavi.

  3. So pretty, love the earthen pot too! :)

  4. Those jasmine flowers remind me of my Mom. Lovely clicks.

  5. that first pic is fantastic, esp the coconut shell.

  6. I love the pics... esp. the first one.. :) All the best Lavi.

  7. The first pic is awesome Lavi, good shot.

  8. I like all of them, the last one is more romantic lavi :) Addada inna Lavi Mallige poo urruttu kattaiyil :)

  9. Wonderful clicks Lavi..Love to see the MorPanai...

  10. Great click....I love the pots too.

  11. Great click Lavi..The pic is really aesthetic n beautiful..:)
    Thanks for your comment at my space..Even though I cant prepare a veg Biriyani(as my hubby dont like it),I'll see if I can dish out some other yummy Lucknowi dish for the event..:)

  12. The first one is a beautiful beautiful picture. the entire composition is beautiful!

  13. Absolutely beautiful ,the entire concept and pic is awesome........

  14. Lovely pics...the buttermilk really looks tempting...

  15. Hey Lavi...Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb click :)no words to praise...

    And sry or late reply :(...each time I come here,i forget to thank u...,unga comment abt profile picture..Thanks dear :)

  16. Hi Lavi,

    first time on your blog. Lovely recipes and really aesthetic pictures .COngrats on a great job.

    buttermilk looks amazing:))

    hope to see you sometime at Meenal's kitchen

  17. Lovely Click lavi. love the blur in the pic.

  18. Thank You 24 Friend's, your word's really made me blossom:)

    Credit goes to my hubby also, as the above all material's(Mathu, Mat, Mud Pot's, Veg Basket and also uruttu kattai) in the picture are bought by him, except the veggie's:)

  19. nice clicks. love the second one.. So natural!

  20. So cool, natural and pretty, Lavi.

  21. Congrats Lavi.. The pic looks very good..

  22. I know that butter milk is very simple to prepare the images displayed for the butter milk look too cool.

  23. Stunning! I make my buttermilk the same way, except I put cumin seeds too.


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