Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is Killing Innocent people termed as War?

I was happily napping one fine afternoon (which is rare these days with a 5.5months old hyperactive baby :)), my tummy started kicking me. Opened the fridge no veggies except for 1 not so fresh beetroot and half a packet of bread. I remembered the left over puthina chutney which I had for idly that morning, so made this quick sandwich.

So what are u waiting veggies in stock try this sandwich with the ingredients that are sure to be in your pantry!

Onion Mint Sandwich Recipe

Prep Time10 mins 
Cooking Time: 05 mins  
Recipe CuisineIndian
Recipe TypeBreakfast



Bread slices - 4 ( I usually use wheat bread)
Urad dhal - 2 tsp
Mint (Pudhina) leaves - 3 tbsp
Finely chopped onion - 1
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder
Chilli powder - a pinch
Sambhar powder - 2 tsp (optional)
Ghee - to toast


1. In 1 tsp of oil, add urad dhal, let it temper then add mint leaves and saute well till the leaves are crushed, add few drops of water and grind it to a fine paste. keep it aside.

[Though this is not the original recipe for pudhina chutney, this goes well with sandwiches]

2. Drizzle oil, add onion, turmeric powder, chilli powder, sambhar powder and saute till the onions turn light brown.

3. Take  2 bread slices and apply the mint paste on both the slices on one side.

4. Place the onion filling in between the 2 slices and press it.

5. Toast it with ghee in a toaster or in dosa pan.

You can substitute the mint leaves with corriander leaves.....It tastes gud too! 'Just not any other dish'.


  1. Ya, Tamils in srilanka are sure suffering a lot.. I got this news today and not sure how far its true..
    Check this link if u can read tamil.

  2. I read that Anu. Wish it should be true..He was the Last man to lead a powerfull group to fight against SL for Tamil People's Right's..

  3. I believe he is not dead, yest i checked chennaionline and even, saw the Nellai Nedumaran speech about it. I wish his report is true!

  4. I sympathize with Tamil people in Srilanka...the real terrorists are the politicians.

  5. Yes Cham..Nedumaran speech was promising.

    Cilantro..Exactly..They never care for minority people. Now SL govt. is going to get more money to help tamil's. will it be properly used?


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