Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moraccan Chickpea Stew and Moraccan Mint Tea

Iam very late in posting my final entry to IAVW-Moracco. As I was busy(after a long time, iam mentioning the word busy.) taking my kid to playschool. Also i had guest's and isnt this enough to explain my busy schedule's. This Moraccan ChickPea Stew is another recipe that i got hooked, from Vaishali's blog. I loved these stew with Whole Wheat Bread. To prepare this delicious Moraccan stew, you got to have Harissa paste, which you can make it in a jiffy, with just a pre-planning of soaking the Red Chilli's for Two Hour's.

Moraccan Chickepa Stew

How to make the Moraccan Chickpea Stew?

Dice a Onion, a Tomato, and mince 5 garlic pod's.Heat a tbsp of oil in your Pressure Cooker, add the diced Onion and minced garlic, saute it till the onions turn translucent. add chopped tomato and saute them. add little salt to it and mix well. add 1/2 tsp of cumin powder, 1/2 tsp of corriander powder and mix well. add the Chickpea(soaked for 12 hours) and mix well. Now add 2 tsp's of Harissa Paste and mix well with the veggie's. add a cup of water and pressure cook them upto 5 whistle's. Add Corriander Leave's to Garnish.

This is Best, served with Couscous and Bread's.

How to Make Moraccan Mint Tea?

Moraccan Tea

Tea is served during meal times in moracco. This is the drink, that is served, when the Moraccan's have guest's. Serving Mint Tea is considered as Hospitality. This is the Sweater Tea, with the flavour of Mint.

Frpm Wiki:

Tea is cleaned with boiling water before being dried. This removes dust from shipping and supposedly makes the tea less bitter. Tea and boiling water are combined, and may be boiled further for several minutes. After that, sugar and mint are added and mixed into a teapot with a long, curved spout. The sugar may also be combined with the tea and water in the first infusion, rather than with the mint after brewing. Using a traditional curved spout allows the tea to be poured into tiny glasses from a height of approximately half a meter to form a foamy head. It is then returned once or twice to the teapot for a good mix.

I loved the Tea with Ice-Cube's. Don't miss to try this Absolute Refreshing Tea.

Here is the Moraccan Feast, that goes on my part to IAVW-Moracco, event designed by Vaishali.

Moraccan Feast
Couscous with Seven Vegetable Stew, Mint Tea, Chickpea Stew and Bread.
Thank You all, for sending in your entries, i will do the rounup as soon as possible. You can even send me your entries till 6th July. as i will be getting ready with the roundup by the weekend.
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