Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Microwave Chocolate Cake

This Recipe works best in microwave oven. Chocolate Cake with a hint of Coffee really tasted Good. My apartment kid's tasted and certified it as a Good Cake. Surprisingly my hubby also liked it. so this recipe is yet another Microwave Chocolate Cake Recipe from the blog world. I have taken care on measuring the exact ingredients and produced here. so just follow the recipe. it yields about 8 slice's.

Chocolate Cake

Microwave Chocolate cake Recipe

Chocolate CakePrep Time10 mins 
Cooking Time: 20 mins  
Recipe TypeDessert


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 1 cup / 8 oz

Castor Sugar / Powdered Sugar - 1 cup / 8 oz
Butter- 2 tbsp's
Egg's - 2
Unsweetened Coco Powder - 1/2 cup / 4 oz
Oil - 1/3 cup / 3 oz
Baking Powder - 1 tsp
Coffee Powder - 2 tsp's
Vanilla Essence - 5 ml
Salt - a pinch


Mix All purpose flour and Baking Powder and salt. Sieve them for at least 3 time's. This is to combine the baking powder evenly along with the flour. Mix Coco Powder and Coffee powder with the flour and keep aside. [Let me call it all as Flour Mix.]

Beat the 2 egg's for at least 2 minutes and set aside. Beat the Sugar and Butter, add whisked egg's and Oil to sugar and Butter Mix. keep beating all for 3 minute's at least. add vanilla essence and mix well. [Let me call it all as Egg mix.]

Now keep adding the Flour Mix little my little to the Egg mix, Mix them well with a Spatula.
If the Mix is so thick, add few drop's of warm milk to make the flour egg mix little thin.

Grease a 3 inch Microwave safe bowl with Butter and Line it with a Baking Sheet. Pour the Flour Egg Mix to the Bowl and level the top by the spatula.

Microwave the cake on High [900 W] for about 3 minute's. To check whether the cake is cooked or not, insert a knife and ensure it comes out clean without any sticky, when pulled out.

Now Pre-Heat the Microwave oven up to 220C, and put the cake for about 2 to 3 minutes for the top of the cake to get slightly browned. Remove it from the Microwave and Let the cake cool
for about 5 - 7 minute's. Dust some Powdered Sugar upon the Cake if desired.

Microwave Chocolate Cake

If you wish to decorate and fill the cake with whipped cream, slice the cake and fill the cream, only after the cake is cooled completely. I used Blue Bird Instant Whipped Cream. I just followed the packet instructions and it worked well for me.

Thou the cake looks stiff and not moist in the Pictures. it was little moist and tasted pacca chocolaty but with a hint of coffee. Its my Milestone Cake. I used Little Butter, and less oil, inspite, it tasted Great. For this recipe, you got to use 4 tbsp's of butter and 1/4 cup/ 4 oz of oil.

Cake with Cream

Give your verdicts to this beginner.

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