Sunday, October 4, 2009

Broken wheat upma / Godhumai rava upma

It was another long weekend for us in India. Preparing Breakfast for the weekend will be a big challenge for me, as i wake up (very) late. i need to prepare breakfast other than easy kanji/porridge, cornflakes. Many times, it used to idli-corriander chutney. my puttu maker got a worst shape after its bad time with my son, bcoz of which i could not prepare our favourite puttu, which we normally used to have on week-ends.

Cracked Wheat Upma / Khichdi

This Cracked Wheat Khichdi is one we both love, also i find it easy to prepare. it also tastes different from upma. and a healthy break-fast.


1. Cracked Wheat / Godhumai Ravai - 2 cup
2. Oil - 2 tbsp's + 1 tsp
3. Cardamon stick - 1' inch
4. Cloves - 2
5. Red Onion - 2
6. Chopped Vegetables - 1 cup (Carrot, Green Peas)
7. Water - 3 cup's
8. Green Chilli's - 2 (slitted vertically)


Heat a Pan, add a tsp of oil and heat it. Roast the Cracked Wheat for about 3-4 minutes / or when you could see a slight colour change in the rava. let it cool.

Boil the 3 cup's of water along with chopped vegetables.

Heat 2 tbsp's of oil in a pan, add cardamon, cloves and fry them for half a minute.
- add the chopped onion's and fry them till they turn half-translucent.
- add slitted green chilli's and saute it along with onions.
- add salt to taste.
- add the roasted cracked wheat and mix with the onion and chilli.

Lower the flame.

Add carefully the Boiling water with vegetables to the cracked wheat on the pan.
- stir well.
- add a tsp of oil and mix well.
- let the khichdi get thick.
- close the pan with a lid and rest the khichdi in low flame for about 3 minutes.
- add chopped corriander leaves as garnish and switch off the flame.
- close the pan and do not disturb it for another 3 minute's.

Dalia Khichdi

Serve it with chutney powder / idly milagaai podi or with sugar or with coconut chutney.

My choice is with chutney powder.


  1. Simple but yet a delicious and healthy khichdi Lavi..

  2. Nice weekend breakfast. would love to have it with sugar..

  3. Rava upma is my fav, I luv it with sugar. Neat and lovely presentation Lavi, will call u soon for MV discussions :)

  4. Nice presentation lavi.. healthy and comforting meal dear. Hey I too posted pulao in this ..just take a look when time permits.

  5. This is one of my favt comfort breakfast! Lovely presentation and click!

  6. The khichdi looks really yummy! Love the way you've clicked the pic :) Lovely!

  7. Loved the way you have served up the kichidi.

  8. good click...i am poor in khichdi..pls check my blog for on going event
    diwali 2009" is the link..

  9. Hummm I love cracked wheat khichdi and urs looks yummmmmmm!!!

  10. Somehow I like kichdi more than upma perhaps of the masala ingred!-

  11. I am a late riser too....esp on weekends.....but now that the ILs are here, Iam getting up earlier than I have in a long long time :-)

  12. first time i am visting your site. i like ur pictures a lot!

  13. Thank You All! So no one wishes to eat the khichdi with chutney powder?

    Priya..Will Try to send you some for the event:)

    Pavithra..I checked ur upma recipes and loved it a lot:) Thanks for mentioning dear! will soon try your rice-dal upma.

    Yes Cham, I like Khichdi's than upma, reason is yours:)

    Jayashree, I cant belieave, that you are also a late waker!

  14. Nivedita, You made my day!! Keep Visiting!


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