Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Right Write Taste

Sharing about food, apart from its recipe's and its image's here is exciting me. Like most girls, i started reading cookbooks right from age 12. I mostly read Mallika Badrinath's Book's. Apart from her book's, my grandmom's and her mom's recipe book was very interesting for me to read. I would really admire their handwriting skills and writing the recipe in a clear cut form with exact measurements.

I can approximately estimate, that my grandmom's mom's recipe collection should have been written in early 1970's. Those days were the days, there were no Televisions and no magazines sharing recipes. But my grandmom's have collected various recipes across the states. Rava Upma, was one such, they managed to get the MTR instant Upma Mix alike recipe.I still wonder how they managed to do that. My Grandmom's were living in villiage and thereby no access to xerox machines nearby. sure they should have spend more time on copying others recipe collection wih just Candle Light. Not even they wrote, they have also tried most recipes from their recipe collection. I remember my Grandmom's mom trying variety of pickles.
If you ask me to write down the recipes from my blog to a Notebook, iam sure i cant.

other than this, i really love to read the restaurant food review and watch shows relating to that.
In Tamil, There is a writer called His books normally have food combos, which makes us drool, on just reading his recipe told in a different fashion.

One such food combo that i tried from his book was Vendhiya Kuzhambu, Urulai Kizhangu podimaas. the combo was excellent. pairing such combos is one i should note down and try from now on.

These are all the food writings i enjoyed and read. Now iam sending this to Sra'a The Write Taste. Thank You Sra, Now at the end of this post, iam really happy, that i wrote this post. This is one post, that is going to be close to my heart from this blog.


  1. Nice post Lavi!! Hope you had a wonderful Diwali!!

  2. nice post. and LA.SA.Ra uncle who is very close and best friend of my hubby's grandpa, loves to taste traditional foods ,that too very fresha nd hot. still at my mil's place u used to make a thogiyal called"la sa ra thogiyal".
    Great entry to the event

  3. Happy Diwali...

    Kaju rolls look amazing, nice clicks too!:)


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