Monday, March 1, 2010

Announcing Global Kadai - Indian Flavoured Pizza

Global Kadai, the Blog event named and created by Cilantro. Global Kadai means, Food’s around globe, in a Kadai. Here Kadai means, the traditional Indian Pan.
Glad to Announce you All,
Global Kadai – March 2010 Edition is hosted here at Home Cook’s Recipe’s.
The Theme for the March Edition is Indian Flavored Pizza.

You all can send in Your entries till April 7th.

Global Kadai Logo

You all can send in Your entries till April 7th.

Pizza is the famous Italian Food. Pizza is a flat bread with sauce, cheese and vegetable topping’s baked in oven. Here when I Say Indian Flavored Pizza, You can indianise the sauce or the topping’s. Get Creative and flavor your Pizza the Indian Way.
Already there are many Indian flavored pizza’s such as Chlli Paneer Pizza, Kadai Paneer Pizza, Paneer Makhani Pizza. You need not restrict only to paneer for topping.
I shall suggest Eggplant, Potato, Palak. I just want the Indian Flavor in the Sauce and the toppings. You can use store bought Pizza base for this. If you don’t have a oven, you can also make it in Dosa Tava. Check my way here.
If you are interested in Flavoring the Pizza base the Indian way, show the Indian Flavor in it. I love adding Cilantro, dill leaves to the Pizza dough. So Run your Creative Horse..
Iam not going to copy - paste the original Recipe’s, I will refer you the links here..
For Pizza Dough Recipe, its from 101cookbooks. Refer Here
For Original Pizza Sauce Recipe, its from Recipezaar. Refer Here
For Pizza Topping Inspiration, its from Baking Obsession. Refer Here

Here are the guidelines for participating in Global Kadai:

1. Use your imagination and creativity to prepare the above recipe using ingredients familiar with Indian Cuisine. Post your entries on your blog during the month of March 2010. There is no limit to the number of entries.
* You can also send me Non-Veg Pizza's.
2. If you already have appropriate entry archived, send it along. But don’t fail to link back to this announcement post and Cilantro’s Blog.
3. Provide a link back to this announcement page and also to Cilantro's page and feel free to use the logo from this url.

Global Kadai Logo
4. Email your entries to with following details
* Your Name
* Blog Name
* Recipe URL / Link
* Recipe Name
* Photograph of final dish.

5. I shall receive the entries till March 31st, 2010.
update: You all can send in Your entries till April 7th. 
6. If you don’t have a blog but wish to participate in, then send your entries
with a picture of the dish, your name and recipe to before 31 st March 2010. I will post the recipes with your picture in my blog and include it in the round-up during the 1st week of April.
Looking forward for More Creative Indianised Pizza's.
The Mini Pizza in the Logo Picture is the one's that i made with whole wheat flour. I decided to avoid cheese and went with white sauce spread and capsicum topping's. i spiced it up with green chilli's. it tasted Good.
* Please Correct me, if i have gone wrong anywhere in the event announcement or if you have problems or doubts in mailing me your entries. feel free to mail me at


  1. Great event, my family loves Indian-flavored pizzas...will definitely send in an entry!

  2. Nice nice! I like Indian style pizzas. Will surely try to participate.

  3. Iam Looking forward for Different entries from you all. do send me.

  4. Woww will send definitely my entries soon..

  5. hey nice event..will try to send something..

  6. Happy hosting Lavi! Love this pizza,perfect entry for the event!

  7. Thank you very much Lavi for hosting GLOBAL KADAI and for featuring one of my daughters favorite. I look forward to participating in Global Kadai-Indian Flavored Pizza.

  8. Hey Lavi, this sounds interesting and I'd love to participate. One quick question-- is a repost okay? I had a great tandoori-tofu-topped pizza that I'd posted a while back and would be a great fit here. Let me know!

  9. I've tried your moist chocolate cake yesterday....yummy.....very light, airy and spongy.Thanks a ton for sharing the recipe.

  10. Iam very happy to hear this sahiti..Thank You very much for letting me know, how it turned out and that you liked it!!

  11. Many of you misunderstood, that i have posted my entry to the event. Thanks for the eye-catching photo. Iam yet to prepare my Indian Flavoured Pizza and post it here.

    Yes..Vaishali, you can re-post for the event, with an link back to this announcement post and link to cilantro's blog. i got to check ur tandoori tofu pizza, and make a similar one!!

  12. I love indianized version of pizza and pastas, let me see if i can send in my entry, happy hosting!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Have already sent mine with wat I knw!! :)

  15. Hi
    Nice evnet..try to send mine too.......

  16. Grreat theme, Lavi.
    Have been thinking of making pizza from scratch for a loooong time...not very confident abt the outcome ;)..but lemme try my best!..:)

  17. You've picked a great theme. I am tempted to create my favorite pizza hut one - kadai paneer of course!

  18. baked one yesterday will publish it soon,..hppy hostin,..

  19. Aaaah this sounds something to try, now with 7 days left in March, let me see if i cane come up with something to post and participate !

  20. Wow what a wonderful event sounds great.Following your blog My 1st time here.

  21. Hi Lavi, I stumbled upon your blog via Cilantro. You've nice space here with wonderful recipes. This Indianized Pizza theme sound interesting. Let me check your rules and deadline.

  22. Hey dear,
    Do you accept late entries? I just came to know about this theme and I want to give it a shot and post about it tomorrow.

  23. Hi Lavi,

    Yesterday I saw that the timeline for the Indianflavored pizza is extended.I would like to send in my recipe for the event.


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