Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paruppu Podi

First let me disclaim, this is not an usual Paruppu Podi. This is prepared to ease the digestion. Usually Paruppu podi mixed with Rice and little ghee is eaten first during Lunch. Paruppu Podi sadham actually stimulates the appetite. Its a healthy start of the meal too. This recipe for paruppu podi has dry ginger(sukku) in it, thus helping easy digestion. People suffering from Ulcer can have this Sukku Paruppu Podi. Dry Ginger will act as a good medicine.

Paruppu Podi


Tuvar Dal / Thuvaram Paruppu / Red Gram Dal - 2 cup's
Dry Ginger / Sukku - 10 gms ( refer above pic, to know the size approximately)
Jeeragam / Cumin - 1 spoon
Pepper / Milagu - 1 spoon
Asafoetida / Perungayam - 1/4 spoon
Curry Leaves / Karivepillai - 10


Dry Roast the Tuvar Dal, till it turns to golden colour.
Dry Roast the Pepper, cumin seeds and curry leaves.
Grind the Dry Ginger into fine powder and sieve it finely.
Now Grind the roasted Tuvar Dal + Pepper + Cumin + Curry Leaves + Asafoetida powder + Dry Ginger Powder + Salt to taste. Grind them close to fine. it should be little coarse too.
Now Paruppu Podi ready. store it in air tight container.

2 Food Tablets

Mix 2 tsp's of the paruppu podi to 1 cup of rice, add little ghee / sesame oil and mix. have this paruppu podi rice first for meals.

Typical South Indian Lunch Plate
Meal Today

Paruppu podi sadham 2 urundai, beans poriyal, murungakaai-kathrikaai kaara kuzhambu and Rasam

Do Prepare this and have it for a healthy living!!


  1. luv parupu podi...looks flavourful n tasty!

  2. Lavi,

    Paruppu podi, drumstick sambar and that too on a banana leaf wow! I love that any day. the perfect combi.Now for the recipe, I was not aware that paruppu podi had dry ginger.Good to know.

  3. This time when I was in India I bought 3 Boxes of paruppu podi from Grand sweets. karthik loves paruppu podi. Never thought of makin it at home .
    I think you gave me the recipe for it now and looks like it's very easy. Soon I'll make it and let u knw. Nice pics by the way.

  4. great and tasty podi..the platter makes me hungry..

  5. I have had poondu podi and never had sukku paruppu podi. Looks like a nice healthy recipe.

  6. Lovely palette. love the variation of adding sukku

  7. Looks so good. Yummy platter..Love the addition of sukku.

  8. A simple n satisfying meal on the platter ooohhh that's mouthwatering.Kewl parupu podi recipe.

  9. Adding sukku sounds truly interesting...will try soon..

  10. Never added sukku while making at home. Ur version sounds healthy. Will surely follow during my next preparation :):)

  11. Adding sukku to parrupu podi should be very healthy.and love the platter.nice click

  12. Wow!!! Cute looking urandai's!

  13. Oh it looks great.. Am feeling hungry,, after seeing the meal today pic.


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