Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curd Rice ~ Thayir Sadam

My School Lunch boxes used to be filled with Thayir sadam or with Pulicha keerai sadam or with idli, milagaai podi. I like all the three and never complained. Thayir Sadam is my most favourite and i survived on it, when i was newly married, the reason is i dont know to cook other than that. To my Surprise, My Son loves Curd Rice very much like me.

Thayir Sadam

Last month, one day, we had our Lunch at Krishna Sweets owned Rasam Restaurant at Venkata Narayana Road, Tnagar, Chennai. The menu had Kongunadu specials, hubby ordered a Thali and i ordered Tulasi Vadai and Uthukuli Thayir sadam. Thayir sadam was Very Divine to us and i know i will be blogging it here soon after i tasted it.

Thayir Sadam~Curd Rice

Yes this Curd Rice has to be called as Uthukuli Thayir Sadam. Uthukuli is famous for Butter and i used to buy the Uthukuli White Butter for cooking now and then. I love the way its packed in Banana Leaf.

Curd Rice

How to Prepare Uthukuli Thayir Sadam?

* You can also use Normal Cooking butter.

1. Pressure Cook One Cup of Rice. Rice has to be Over cooked, so that it could be easily mashed.
Pressure cook the rice upto 5 whistle count.

2. Mix 2 tbsp's of Uthukuli Butter to the Hot rice and mash the rice with the back of the spoon.
The butter and rice should get mixed up well.

3. Add One and Half cup of Thick Curd to the rice and mix well. add salt to taste too.

4. For Tempering,
heat a tsp of oil in a small pan,
add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds,
1/2 tsp of split urad dal,
1 inch of ginger chopped finely,
1 sprig of curry leaves,
2 Green Chilli's finely chopped.

roast the above and remove from the flame.

5. Add the Tempering to the Curd Rice and mix well.
also add 1 tsp of chopped corriander leaves,
2 tbsp's of finely chopped Carrot
 and mix well.

6. Serve the Curd Rice with Pickle or Mor Milagaai.

Note: Prepare the Curd Rice ahead and chill them for atleast 20 minutes before serving.

If you are Curd Rice Lover, do give it a try. I highly recommend this for Kids. also this Curd rice will be a great treat for your Guests.


  1. I went to Rasam too ..and like that place time shall try this method ...ofcoz with amul butter :)

  2. even i want to post a curd rice recipe for a long time. looks very creamy and the side dish for curd rice.Bowl looks cute and where u get these type of bowl in chennai?

  3. He he------my favourite is very much thayir give this to me 3 times a day I would not refuse.Ur curd rice really looks very tempting.

  4. My Daughter's Fav,very comfort food...nice clicks.

  5. nothing to beat the comfort of curd rice--looks swell !

  6. Adding butter makes the trick here.. :) nice post

  7. Simple anr yummy curd rice:)
    Nice clicks :)

  8. I loveeeeee curd rice :) I am such a curd paithiyam. Can live on it lifelong :) yummy looking thick curd rice :)

  9. Love the way u made this...its a comforting and tasteful rice!!

  10. hey lavi,
    am a huge fan of curd rice..looks so tempting!!!

  11. eating curd rice is happiness n tat too with butter hmm.. yummy

  12. I have gone to Rasam when it was newly opened and had only one branch in Anna Ngr, and at that time, I wasn't very impressed by the food.....maybe it has become better now.
    Curd rice looks divine.

  13. Nala vennai mari iruku cud rice super

  14. I can eat curd rice anytime. Lovely it is.

  15. Curd Rice looks simply yum and alluring.

  16. hey lavi...m pregnant n was tempting 2 hve curd rice...i made ur recipe its delicious...........thnk you....... m happieeeeeeeee n my stomch tooooo

  17. Lavi,

    Read this post around January,2012. Just this was on my cards for over 3 months and finally made it today i.e, 14-04-2012. Has come out really well. Normal items the excusite way. Love it.

    Thanks a ton,


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