Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mango Phirni ~ Aam Phirni

Mango Season is almost getting over. Along with Mangoes, memories related to mango also makes the season special to me.  Eating Mangoes along with my Grandparents and going back to school after lunch with mango juice strains on uniform. I will be guarding the mango tree at my grandparents house during season. as childrens passing by will throw stones to get mangoes. also we save mangoes from monkeys with a big stick. iam very much missing my childhood days rather than mangoes..

Mango Phirni

Yesterday when i discovered phirni, i wanted to try it. its an instant dessert recipe i tell you. and the best for the laziest cook like me. it tasted yummy, finally it was a perfect idea to use the ripe mango.


Beaten Rice Flakes / Aval / Poha - 3/4 cup
Milk - 2 cup's
Sugar - 5 tbsp ( increase if you want phirni more sweeter)
Corn Flour - 1 tbsp ( dissolve the corn flour in 2 tsp's of cold milk)
Mango Puree - 1 cup (Puree of 1 Ripe Mango)


Dry Fry the Poha till it turns crisper. it just takes less than a minute.

Let the Poha cool and blend in a mixer to coarse powder. keep aside.

Boil the Milk in a pan. on boiling, slow the flame and add the Ground Poha, Sugar and Corn flour-Milk mixture. Mix well so that no lumps are formed. Boil for a minute on slow flame till the phirni becomes little thick.

Cool the Phirni and mix with Mango Puree.

Serve the Mango Phirni with mango pieces on top.

How i served is, first i spooned in plain phirni on the serving bowl, then the second layer is mango puree and the third layer is mango phirni. serve with chopped badam or pistachios on top or with mango pieces. Remember to chill the phirni before serving.

Aam Phirni


* Phirni can also be done with basmati rice. but i tell you, with poha its just instant and tasty.

* Aval or Poha should be very thin for making this phirni.

* Prepare plain phirni and serve with cut fruits like apple, pomegranate, chickoo.


  1. Lovely clicks lavi...nice recipe too,I love all kind of phirnis...

  2. thats a quick say Raks!! now i wanted to try other kind of phirni's!

  3. Delicious Phirini,clicks are awesome...

  4. I like mango phirni than anyother ....looks yum

  5. hey's you ! longtime....i love this mango phirni looks delicious :D wish i had a tree in my backyard !

  6. nice and new recipe to me , beautiful clicks

  7. Beautiful looking phirni.We had 3 mango tress in our backyard. Now i live in an apartment and simply miss the pleasure of picking fresh mangoes :-(

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. This is an awesome, tempting recipe!!!! Loved the idea of adding poha :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  9. Phirni looks absolutely irresistible and wonderful..

  10. wow, love it and like the idea of using poha in phirni as we usually ground up the rice.

  11. Phirni is one of my favorite dessert, I make it quite often, but never knew phirni can be made with poha. I make it with ground rice and cashew nuts...just love the addition of mango puree, will try next time...visit me when u have time

  12. Wow with poha that sounds very interesting...and nice clicks too Lavi

  13. Lovely presentation... yum phirni...

  14. This sounds like a quick dessert. Looks very creamy and delish.

  15. I do phirni with just rice flour.It tastes awesome.Next time i will try with poha.

  16. Phirni is not made with poha. It is basically made with rice only where you make little coarse rice powder and then fry it with ghee and then the rest of the process.


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