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Kaju Pista Roll Recipe with Video | Diwali Recipes

Kaju Pista Roll, I should have made this as soon as i made my kaju katli. I dragged for two years and yesterday i finally made it. If you are going to try kaju katli, reserve some and try these rolls and other designed sweets, which i will be posting next. I referred Sanjeev Kapoor to get idea over pista filling.

refer this video to prepare kaju dough

refer to prepare kaju roll. scroll down for the video of kaju pista roll

Kaju pista roll

Prep Time10 mins 
Cooking Time: 30 mins  
Recipe CuisineIndian
Recipe TypeSweets


1. Cashews - 30 / 1 cup (125 gms)
2. Sugar - 1/2 cup
3. Water - just to the level of sugar immerses ( 4 tbsp)
4. Ghee - to Grease your Palms.
5. Milk - 2 or 3 tsp's

For Pista filling:  

Pista - 4 tbsp 
Sugar - 1/8 cup

Roast the pista for 2 minutes in medium flame and let it cool. Grind Pista and Sugar together to a coarse powder. set aside.
Roast at 100c for 10 minutes and powder the pista along with sugar.

- Wash and dry your mixer, without wet.
- Grind the Cashew to the powder form.

The Ratio between Cashew Powder and Sugar is 2 : 1.

Take half cup sugar(3 oz.) in a thick bottomed pan, and pour water till it get immersed (say 4 tbsp of water).

Keep checking every half minute..

 Soon after the sugar water starts to boil, have a little in a spoon and touch it with your fingers. it will be very sticky to your fingers.( pisukku patham)

Second stage is, just drop a drop of sugar syrup on a plate, and tilt the plate, sugar syrup will start flowing.

Third and required stage for Kaju Katli is Single String Consistency.

Drop a drop of sugar syrup in a bowl of water, it should get set on bottom of the bowl and when touched, it should not dissolve in water.

When the syrup attains the third stage, put the cashew powder to the syrup and keep stirring it to avoid lumps. even break the lumps if any formed.

Keep the flame Low and keep stirring for at least 3-4 minutes.

When you see bubbles coming and blowing off from the cashew burfi and the cashew burfi should all come together without sticking to the kadaai. switch off the flame and remove from the stove. (just takes 3 - 4 minutes in slow flame)

Let it cool for about 10 minutes in tha kadaai / Pan itself. Let it Cool till your palms could bear the heat for kneading.

Grease some ghee(1/4 tsp) on your palms and knead the cashew burfi dough for about a minute or 2, till they all come out to a big ball shape. (Kaju Dough is ready). 

if you want kaju katli, knead the kaju dough for 2 minutes and roll with rolling pin(like we do our chapathi's) and make slices.

Hope you can guess next post, yes it is Kaju Apple Sweet and other ideas with kaju katli dough.

Now for Kaju Pista Roll,

After you have made Kaju Katli, add about 2 tsp's of milk one at a time and knead the kaju katli dough, so that dough turns little flexible, you can feel the dough's flexibility stop there and make lemon sized ball's. (while kneading, the dough may release oil. dont get panic about it)

1.Take a Lemon size of Kaju Katli Dough and roll it down with the help of rolling pin in rectangle shape, about out palm size.

2.Take a spoon full of pista-sugar filling and place it on one side of the rectangle shaped dough.

3.Slowly roll it over tight. 

4.Roll it on a board with your palms to smoothen the roll without any cracks. 

5.Trim either corners with knife, so that the pista stuffing peeks out.

Like wise you can make few rolls. (or)
Roll a big ball of dough in rectangle shape place the pista filling on one end of it and roll it tight. then slice them into rolls each of 3 cm length.

You can have an idea, on watching this video.(this is my first video)
it is very hard to shoot with one hand and to work with other hand.

[Do let me know, if have trouble in loading/viewing the video]

One more way, which i have guessed is, 
Separate kaju katli dough into 2 parts, one for rolling and the other part for pista filling.
For Pista filling part, mix it up with little green food colour and the pista filling made with grounded pista and sugar. knead them all together. make cylindrical shapes from half of lemon sized dough. Now pinch a small lemon sized ball from rolling part dough. roll it and place the cylindrical shaped pista filling dough at one corner and roll it over tightly.

This may look and sound tricky, but once you lay your hands on it, you can feel how easy it is to make. so try this out for this diwali for your family and friends!!


  1. thats so quick, Thank You Prabhamani!

  2. such an elaborate post. very helpful for creating his exquisite sweet.

  3. Wow!,Very impressive and professional touch U have.Wonderful recipe as well.Luks yummlicious.Luv it

  4. such an elaborate preparation, perfectly made. yum.

  5. Excellent, stunning rolls!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  6. I struggle to get perfect kaju katli and here u r experimenting so many with the dough itself...perfected to the core lavi...kalakura. Kaju pista roll is my fav...looks very tempting.

  7. Excellent Job Lavanya !!! u rock.. keep rocking...


  8. Lovely video! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for sharing the video,wonderful job Lavanya.

  10. Yummy looking kaju rolls. Awesome preparation.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. Hi first time here ,totally on love with ur Diwali sweets n this kaju pista roll looks so perfect...this is my hubby's fav n going to try this for Diwali n let you know...glad to join your space :)
    Do visit mine when you find time !!

  12. Mouthwatering kaju katli, very well done.

  13. wow kalakitenga Lavi,well explained and the video is dam gud...well done,wonderful job dear...

  14. Hi Lavi, How are you? Nice that you have posted a video along with the regular pictures. The cashew rolls look impressive.

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  16. Lovely!! Looks so perfect Lavi. Nice and detailed description.

  17. Hi Bindumolleti,

    are you mentioning about cashew grounded into powder?

    just grind the cashews(it should be in room temperature) into fine powder in your mixie. there should not be any lumps or moisture, on the grounded cashew powder.

  18. This is testy dish and my all family members like it.
    Thank you for share this recipe with a great video.

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  21. Gorgeous! I love these. Thanks for sharing the recipe in so much detail. May I share this on my food blog, with a photo?

  22. Me again - my blog is for your approval. Thx!

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    chowringhee kathi roll


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