Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to make Khoya at home

Homemade khoya

I longed for it for nearly four years, i prayed for it to come to my hands, i was torturing my friends about how i badly wanted it. whenever i am alone at home, i googled and read about it. whenever i saw it on some strangers hand, my eyes looked at it curiously. i hear you saying enough..okay, My Hubby and my dear Son gifted (fulfilled) me the Canon Rebel T3i dslr camera. oh, you still have to wait for me to explore my new love and then we shall bring you the magic here soon. 

homemade mawa

Khoya is unsweetened khova / paal khova. it is also known as Mawa. i wanted to prepare gulab jamun from scratch for this diwali, as my son is going crazy over gulab jamun. so today i prepared khoya spending nearly 2 hours in the kitchen. Tomorrow i will post how i made gulab jamun with khoya.

Khoya is just simmering the milk for hours, with stirring occasionally in the start and constant stirring towards end. i guess the recipe for khoya is over in the line before!

Total cooking time: 2 hours
yields 1 cup of khoya(200 gms)


Full fat milk - 1 and half ltrs.


In a wide thick bottomed pan, pour the milk and let it boil. then simmer it for about 1 hour so that the milk gets thick and reduced into half. then bring the flame back on high and keep stirring every two minutes, so that the khoya do not stick to the bottom of the pan. even if it sticks, do not scrap hardly as it may ruin the beautiful khoya.


When you see the the khoya (some where looking like thick curdled milk) turn the flame to low and start stirring.  nearly towards the 2nd hour from start, the khoya gets thickening. keep stirring softly, so that it do not stick to the bottom.


Sometimes, the khoya may not thicken up, add 1 or 2 tsp of milk powder, for the khoya to get thick. the khoya should be soft and spongy at the end.


Use a wide and thick bottomed pan, so that the milk do not overflow.

if you want to have sweet khova, add 1/2 cup sugar when the milk had reduced to about half a litre. the other procedures are all same.

Sometimes, the khoya may not thicken up, add 1 or 2 tsp of milk powder, for the khoya to get thick. the khoya should be soft and spongy at the end.


  1. That is such a long process!!! But sure must taste so good and so much better than the store bought ones... how much khoya did you get from 1 1/2 litres of milk?

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  2. yes long process, but yet a worthy one. it yields about 200gms of khoya(1 cup). Thank You!!

  3. slow method but i am sure it makes the jamuns heavenly

  4. Wat a worthy dish, somehow its been a long i tried, now am loving only the short cut method:)..Well done Lavi,congrats on ur new camera.

  5. Wow....a new camera...look forward to some amazing pics. 2 hours? That sure is a long while to spend on a dish, but I am sure it must have been worth the effort.

  6. wow so perfect khova... i too thought to do this for long time... congrats for your new camera...
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  7. nothing can beat the fresh taste of homemade khoya. time consuming but such rewarding.

  8. congrats on the new camera... waiting to see the magic :-)


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