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How to make aloo paratha ~ with step by step pictures

aloo paratha

Aloo Paratha, i make it quite often. but never posted here, as i always make it for dinner and as i never click pictures after sunset. today broke the rule and made for lunch. as i was keen on making north indian thali, we had aloo paratha's with khichdi and dal. which turned out into a good and satisfying meal.

Aloo Paratha Recipe

stuffed aloo parathaPrep Time20 mins 
Cooking Time: 10 mins  
Recipe CuisineIndian
Recipe TypeBread
makes  6-7 paratha's


Atta / Wheat flour - 2 cup's / 400 gms
Potatoes - 3
Oil - 1/2 tsp
Omam / Ajwain - 1/2 tsp
Corriander powder - 1 tsp
Cumin powder - 1 tsp
Chilly powder / sambhar powder - 1 tsp (or use finely chopped green chilly)
Finely chopped corriander leaves - 2 tsp
Ghee - 2 tsp's (for making paratha's)

ingredients for aloo paratha


aloo for aloo paratha

Pressure cook the potatoes for about 5 whistles at least. peel its skin and mash it nicely. let it cool.

ap 1

In a pan, heat 1/2 tsp oil, add ajwain seeds.

tip: you may add very finely chopped onions and green chilli for a variation.

ap 2

Then add in the mashed potatoes. and mix well with ajwain.

stuffing for aloo paratha

Add corriander powder, cumin powder, chilly powder and salt to taste.

aloo paratha stuffing

Mix well with the potatoes. add in the chopped corriander leaves and mix all together. it should all come together. let the stuffing cool down.

ap 3

tip: it is very important to let the aloo stuffing to cool completely. else, you cannot roll the paratha with the hot stuffing in. it peeks out.

Meanwhile when the stuffing cools down, prepare the atta. In a wide bowl, mix wheat flour and little bit of salt. add water and knead like we knead our poori dough. so do not knead so soft, as we do for phulka's or chapathi's. Divide the dough and shape them into big balls of a tomato size. Also shape the aloo stuffing into small balls that of half a lemon sized ones.

tip: aloo stuffing balls should be half the size of the atta dough balls.

ap 4

Take a atta dough ball and and roll with rolling pin or flatten on your palm, it should be just of your palm size. flattening evenly is very important.  Place a aloo stuffing ball in the centre.

ap 5

Now bring the corners all together and shape like we do for modak.

ap 6

Close the stuffing thoroughly and flatten with your palm with little pressure.

stuffed aloo paratha

Dust with flour, so that it will be easy for rolling.

ap 7

Roll it lightly and never give pressure to the centre part. if needed dust with flour. even, if the stuffing peek's out, do not worry.

ap 8

This is how, the fully rolled paratha look like.

ap 10

Heat a Griddle/dosa pan, put the rolled paratha and wait for it to get cooked.

ap 12

When the paratha puff's up, apply ghee on both sides of the paratha and cook, till you find brown spots.

ap 13

Transfer the paratha's to a serving plate. if intended to store and eat later, then wrap them up in aluminium foil.

aloo parathas

Serve aloo paratha's hot with curd and pickle. sprinkle chilly powder and cumin powder over curd before serving.

stuffed aloo paratha


Do not try to use hot aloo stuffing before rolling.

While rolling, if little bit of stuffing sticks to your rolling pin, then scrap it off, dust some flour and then start to roll. do not keep the rolled paratha in the rolling surface, it furthur sticks. so as soon as you roll, put it on griddle.

aloo paratha with curd and pickle

We like these aloo paratha's a lot. whenever i make it, i get compliments without fail. do try it out!

Today i cooked lunch leisurely. from next week, i have to pack lunch for my son. i do not know, how am i going to manage cook so early. also i did not train my son to eat alone all these days. it is going to be a different learning phase of life for both of us!


  1. delicious tempting paratha with awesome step by step clicks. I am really very hungry.

  2. Thanks KQ, for your words! i was keeping my fingers crossed on
    whether bloggers like this old recipe post or not....thanks again!

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