Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aamras ~ side dish for puri

aamras with puri

This year, my son is going crazy over mangoes. he cried for half a day, when mangoes were plucked from the mango tree opposite to our apartment, as he wanted all for him!

Rumani Mangoes

Last week, our friend brought her home grown Rumani mangoes for us. The very next day, i prepared this aamras and enjoyed it to the core with puri. definetly this is the best way to treat mango lovers!

aamras with poori

This recipe is easy and simple, it can be said in one line. i clicked lots of pictures out of love for mangoes. kindly bare with me. also i hope mango lovers would enjoy the pictures here!

saffron infused aamras

serves: 2
time taken (to prepare and to finish eating) : less than 10 mins


1 ripe alphonso or rumani mango
2 pods of cardamom
2 strands of saffron
2 tsp's of sugar
2 tsp's of milk (optional)


how to prepare aamras

Wash the mango and peel its skin. cut it into pieces. discard the seed.

To your mixie jar, add the chopped mangoes, cardamom seeds, saffron and sugar. add milk, if you wish. i skipped adding milk. grind all together till you get a fine and smooth aamras.

Serve with puri and enjoy the mango delight! if serving later, store in fridge. it tastes even better, when chilled.



It is said that, 1/4 tsp of dry ginger powder is added to the aamras in maharashtra.

Use fully ripened mango and i guess only few varieties of mangoes work well for aamras.



  1. this is new to me.. nice option for puri

  2. I am not a big fan of the puri aamras combo though I love aamras by itself. Had my fill of aamras here in Mumbai this season. Love the play of light and shadow in your pics, Lavi.

  3. Last shot was amazing ! good one !

  4. liked all your clicks lavi.. i love this combo..

  5. Omg, such a droolworthy and thick aamras..love tht last click.

  6. Lovely pictures Lavi, loved the way yu have played with lighting...keep up the spirit...Amras looks delicious couldnt wait to dig in :)

  7. wonderful cliks.... its a new dish to me.... but ur cliks r too tempting.....


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