Friday, August 1, 2014

Egg Cheese Dosa

When i was pregnant with my son i used feel very hungry. i would make one thick egg cheese dosa in  2 minutes and get out of the kitchen. those days i hated to stand near the stove. One thick dosa is well enough for a meal. This egg cheese dosa, ragi adai, chapathi wrap with soy granules and noodles used to be my food during my pregnancy. Now i make these egg cheese dosa for my son after he comes home from school. he likes it very much. This is such a long due recipe from my side.

I made a video after a long time. did not have enough patience to edit much. so kindly bear with this video.

  •  Dosa Batter - 1 cup
  •  Cheese slice - 1 / Processed cheese - 2 tsp's (grated)
  •  Green chilly - 1(chopped very finely)
  •  Egg - 1

Beat the egg well and keep aside.

Grease the tawa with a drop of oil and use onion or potato to grease.

Pour the dosa batter and spead the batter. after 30 - 50 seconds, pour the beaten egg over the dosa and tilt the tawa so that egg spreads well. add oil to the sides of dosa and throw in some finely chopped green chillies and cook the dosa on both sides.

If you are using processed cheese, grate it and sprinkle above the egg layer of the dosa. if you are using cheese slices, tear the slices and place over the egg layer of the dosa.

Remove your dosa from tawa and place it on a plate. Fold the dosa when its hot, so that the cheese melts.

Serve egg cheese dosa hot!


If you are serving for kids, skip the green chilly.


  1. this look so mouthwatering .. eggy n cheesy dosa yummy wish i could get it straight away :)

  2. hmm Yummy and cheesy dosa lavanya..


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