Friday, June 5, 2015

Lychee Juice ~ Longan Juice

Lychee is best for this scorching summer. I wanted to try lychee juice for a long time, finally made it last week. Recipe for lychee juice can be said in two lines. its that simple. If you have not tried lychee, do try it out.  it tastes just like Nungu / Palmyra / Ice-apple. I was surprised as it tasted just like our Nungu.

The one that i have used is called Longan fruit. But it all belongs to the lychee family ;)


Lychee / Longan  - 12
Sugar - 2 tsp
Ice water - 1 cup
Ice Cubes - few


Cut the outer layer of the lychee skin with a knife. then peel out the skin.

With your Fingernail remove the lychee seed out. discard the seed as it is inedible.

Now gather the lychee fruits without the seed in your juicer, add ice water, sugar and few ice cubes. Grind it well so the lychees are completely grinded.

If you wish to filter the juice, you can filter and serve with ice cubes.


You can serve with mint and a lemon slice. 

Lychees tend to ripe fast, so use it immediately on buying. 


  1. WoW !!! delicious juice for this hot summer..

  2. wow...its like summer in a glass :) Looks so tempting and inviting, got to try this soon:)
    Have a nice weekend :)

  3. Have a Great Weekend Shweta! Thanks for visiting!!

  4. Flavourful and refreshing juice!! lovely clicks!!


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