Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mango Plate for Mango Manthram

Mango Design's are the one's that i look for when i select Silk Sarees. Mango Design in the body of the saree attracts me a lot. same as the mango design in mehendhi. I just wanted to sketch my favourite mango design for Mango Manthram by Adorable Indira, a new event to pull out the creativity among our bloggers. Here is my piece of sketch for mango manthram on a paper plate.

So somehow i made this on the deadline..but i posted it on the scheduled date. Now Iam hapilly signing off..but i got to send my Fortune entry by tomorrow organised by my dear friend Shirya.


  1. Love the first pic! awesome design Lavi.


  2. the design is so good..I too like the mango designs on "pattu pudavais"...
    BTW,the change in template looks nice .nice colour..

  3. U r so talented Lavi..I too love the mango designs in sarees.

  4. Happy Birthday, Lavi.

    Thank you for participating in Mango Manthram with this lovely application of mango art. Looks beautiful.

  5. Wow the first pic looks lovely....

  6. This look so beautiful specially the first one ..
    HUgs and smiles

  7. I love the art , u re an artist :) Love the Mango design in Kancheepuran sarees...

  8. Thank You Siri!! I loved your pictures too..Chef dancing with mangoes specially...

    Thank You designs in pattupavadai's are my fav too..

    Thank You Kamala..naan etho chumma varainjean!!

    Thank You Indira!! Its great to hear from you..superb idea to bring out the talent among us here!!

    Thank U Rachel:)

    Jaya..Thanks for appreciation with hugs:)

    Cham...sarees with those designs looks so elegant nna..

  9. Hi for the first time....loved ur design....very thoughtful!!!!

    hey i have just one suggestion if u dont mind....can u change the colors of ur text from black to something lighter because its not visible on this dark green background.

    Keep ur good work!!!!

    Warm regards,

  10. Lovely design...the first pic looks beautiful.

  11. wonderful painting !..first one looks simply superb!

  12. Love the first pic - how did you do it?

  13. nice art-work lavi! the light-effetc looks great:)

  14. Very Nice.....
    the photos look so beautiful. I love that color.


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