Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spicy Black-eyed Beans Curry for CLICK Event

Black-Eyed Beans Curry is my favourite one. it taste's well with chapathi's and excellent with Rice.


1. Black-eyed Beans- 1 Cup(Soaked for overnight)
2. Tomatoes-3
3. Red Chilli's-4
4. Curry Leaves-8
5. Mustard-1 spoon
6. Fenugreek-1/4 spoon
7. Asafoetida powder-a pinch
8. Oil-8-10 spoons

Powder's to be added:

Only when you follow this particular order..it will taste Good. when you change the order of adding these powder's you can feel the taste difference.

1. Turmeric Powder- a pinch
2. Chilli Powder-2 spoons
3. Corriander Powder-3 spoons
4. Cumin Powder-1/4 spoon
5. Curry Leaves Powder- 2 spoons


If you wish You can add two garlic pieces. You can also add Tamarind water to enhance the taste of curry.


In a Kadai, Heat the oil, add mustard seeds, when it pops up, add asafoetida powder, add fenugreek and red chilli's. when it is fried add the curry leaves and add finely chopped tomatoes. saute it well. when thel all come around togeather, add salt and keep adding the powder's one by one. also keep mixing before adding the sequel powder. now add the pressure cooked(3 whistle's) black-eyed beans to the kadai and mix well. add tamarind water/water(2 cups). close the lid and let the kadai sit in slow flame for about 5-7 minutes.
add chopped corriander leaves before serving.
It Tastes so good with Curd Rice..
Iam Sending this Curry for Click-Event.


  1. Delicious, I love the esign ontop of the rice.
    I have a whole bag of black eye beans here and din't have any delicious recipe, will try this

  2. Love the color of that Black Eyed Peas Curry. Love the usage of curry leaves powder. I have a bottle full and not many recipes.

  3. Happy Cook..Thank U.. Try vada's with black-eye beans..it is so tasty..

    Indo..Curry leaves powder thickens the curry and also it gives an add-up taste. thank u and do try.

  4. that's a lovely curry, Lavi! And a beautiful click. Your new template and the header are just awesome.

  5. Thank U Edamame..

    Uma..Thanks for the compliments!!

  6. I love ur presentation Lavi. Got to try ur curry, tempting one!

  7. thanks for your entry, dear lavi.

  8. Please try and let me know cham..

    Thank You Bee for Organising this Click contest..it always inspires me to think better...

  9. Lavi, I'm posting something today where I used black-eyed peas. Never used to be a fan, but the recipe converted me and now I want to add it to everything - this is a great recipe. thanks!

  10. Lavi, the curry looks just rich and yummy!! Shall try it out! BM'd it!

  11. looks yummy and nice click too lavi.

  12. thats one rich coloured curry lavi. i love black-eyed beans and can just imagine its sweet nutty taste with juicy tomatoes.

  13. that looks very beautiful lavi..nice shot!

  14. Nice click! And the gravy looks yummy!

  15. I love black beans, so thanks for this wonderful recipe! You have a really nice blog.

  16. This sounds wonderful, Lavi!! Curry looks amazing. :)

  17. Wow, it sure does look spicy Lavi, looks flavourful :)

  18. This looks so good, my daughter and I would love this!


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