Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stepping Into Mexican-Cuisine

Mexican Tomato Salsa and Mexican Pizza are my stepping stone's on to Mexican Cuisine. Mexican Omlette was the only thing i used to do previously. even i could say it made me to put up more weight.

Here Comes the,

Mexican Tomato Salsa:

Ingredients for Mexican Tomato Salsa:

1. Tomatoes- 2(de-seeded and cutted into small cube shape's)
2. Red Onion-1(Small Onion cutted into small small pieces)
3. Green Chilli-1(diced finely)
4. Corriander leaves(cutted into small pieces)
5. Salt- To taste
6. Lime Juice- 1 Table spoon

Mix all the above Ingredients along with a spoon of olive oil. So Simple Mexican Tomato Salsa is Ready.
I Got this Salsa Recipe From Here

Mexican Pizza:

I just applied olive oil on the ready-made pizza base, I applied a coating of cheese and spreaded the Simple Mexican Tomato Salsa and i grated the Mozarella cheese over it. I added a little red chilli flakes over the pizza and sprinkled some oregano over it. also little salt.

Just made this pizza on Dosa Tava within 5 minutes.
It was so tasty. this is the first time i added the raw tomatoes and onions as the topping to pizza.. usually i fry onions and tomatoes along with panneer as topping's. or i just fry all the available veggie's with me as topping.
it was so tasty to have it raw along with cheese.

A piece of Mexican Pizza with Tomato Salsa as a Topping... I just Fried the sliced Capsicum's in a spoon of olive oil before placing on top.

Waiting for a Big Byte??
These Salsa and Mexican Pizza are on its way to Dhivi's(DK) Culinary Bazaar
Thank You Dhivi for This Mexican Idea..i really enjoyed surfing mexican recipe's and trying the above.
In Between Happy Mother's Day To You All..
Iam Going To post My Mom's Signature Dish Tomorrow..So who are all joining me in posting your mom's Signature Dish ??


  1. Both of these look really great :)

  2. Mexican pizza and salsa are yummy! I am waiting to give a Huge Bite...:)Lovely entries

  3. that's new - pizza on a dosa tawa! good idea!

  4. Pizza made so these Lavi..will try this sometime

  5. wow, it looks so good. Just 5 minutes. great! pizza looks so delicious, Lavi!

  6. Both luk wonderful Lavi.I love ur salsa

  7. Both the dishes look wonderful,especially the salsa...great entry...

  8. Thank You Meeso..

    Cham..then You are Welcome to my Home:)

    Yes was so easy to prepare.

    Do give a Try Divya. Iam sure you will love it.

    Thank U Uma,Kamala and Sowmya..

  9. lavi..both looks so yummy! anything is good!

  10. Wow ,Lovely recipe's.Delicious dishes.should try it once.

  11. Sri..Thanks..Try this at home..iam sure your kids will love it.


    Shri..Yeah You have to give out a try..

  12. Salsa and the pizza look made on a dosa tava...nice

  13. Colorful, simple, quick and Yummo! Deadly combinations - something to bookmark and make as often as possible! Thanks for the wonderful entry :)


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