Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Small Tutorial for Blogger's on Using Blogger Draft to make comment form appear below the post

When i started blogging, i wondered a lot on many of your blogs, like what is RSS. whatever i saw was an unsolved puzzle for me. later googling helped me to learn many stuffs. Today iam driven by some instinct in me to post a small tutorial that would help you out. If you already know about this..ignore it.

The feature iam gonna speak about is Blogger in Draft. This is under test and even we can use the features of this. so let's get started..

We login to our blog , with the screen that look like as shown below, with

In Blogger Draft, you can login thru clicking on here where you could see a screen like this.

after logging on, your dashboard will look like this...

On your top right corner of the screen, there will be a blue box, stating make blogger in draft as default blogger. you can check in the box, if you want to login always with blogger in draft.
there are many features on can explore there. the feature i used from blogger draft is my comment form. earlier if someone wants to comment on my post, a pop-up window will appear and it takes time to load the profile pictures of the blogger's who already commented. and we need to go under a test, to check whether we are robot's:)

so here in this new comment form feature in blogger draft, bloggers can comment easily without all those hassle's. The comment form will look like those of in wordpress blogs. try this for a change.

How to do:

1. Go to your Settings Tab

2. Select Your Comment's Sub Tab

3. Stop at the third bold heading...Comment Form Placement

4. Choose the Embedded below post (To see the preview of the comment form, scroll down this page and look at my comment form.)

5. Save it

6. Check the blog post which has comments. and check by posting a comment.

7. If you are not happy or if it is not working...continue the steps from 1 to 3 and select the pop-up window and save.

Hope this tutorial help's you my friends..If you really liked it just share a word with me.
You can also request for a tutorial on particular aspect here.


  1. Wow something intresting. I will try this out soon.

  2. hi lavi
    this is my first time here....
    u have a lovely space..
    thanks for sharing this info.. been really useful.

  3. Thanks for such a useful info Lavi!

  4. Vij a Warm Welcome to My Blog..

    KF and Uma...glad that this tutorial is usefull for you both.

  5. Hey thanks for the wonderful into Lavi...I did it :):)..I was wondering how to make the comment appear in the same page and now I know. Thanks again :)

  6. Great you left a link Priti. You are Welcome:)


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