Thursday, April 9, 2009

Announcing RCI - Pondicherry This April 2009


Iam honoured to announce RCI-Pondicherry Cuisine, my native cuisine. Pondicherry, now renamed as Pudhucherry is a Union-Territory of India. Pudhucherry also known as "The French Riviera of the East". The official languages of Puducherry are Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and French. So its a Multi-Cultural State. Pondicherry is a mix of spirituality, heritage, along with the French influence. Buildings designed upon French Architect is still an attraction to the City. Clean Streets with Less Traffic is surely attractive here.

Ashramam Street
Places to Visit/Enjoy In Pondicherry:

1. Aurobindo Ashramam (a place for self-realisation)
2. AuroVille (a place to calm and feel urself)
3. Manakula Vinayagar Temple (for a spiritual experience)
4. Pondicherry Beach
5. Temple's in Villianur.

Pondicherry Beach-Gandhi Statue

About Pondicherry Cuisine:

As the City is Multi-Cultural with Tamil People, Andhra People, Kerala People and French People, Food is also influenced by all the flavour's of the above mentioned culture's.

1. Indo-Franco Cuisine:
French Dish with Indian Touch, like French Sauce tempered with Mustard and Curry Leaves. or adding Thick Coconut Milk to the Sauce's. This is mostly blending the Indian and French Cuisine. But absolutely worthy..

French Breakfast Palatte

2. French Cuisine:
French Break-Fast is more popular all over the world, with just Omlette, some fruits and vegetable's. Cheese is the major part of the cuisine.

3. Tamil, Andhra, Kerala Cuisine's:
The Touch of Tamil Cuisine will prevail across the state. Chettinaad Cuisine is so popular here.
Traditional Lunch served will certainly have Andhra and Kerala Cuisine's touch. But whatever may be the spice's are very subtle here.


Inspired ahh? Start Cooking for RCI-Pondicherry Cuisine and send across to me..

Here are the Simple Guidelines for the RCI-Pondicherry Cuisine.

(a) Prepare a Dish that is a Vegetarian[Egg’s are allowed]. Non-Vegetarian not allowed.

(b) Post Tamil Cuisine Recipe's, Andhra Cuisine Recipe's, Kerala Cuisine Recipe's and Indo-French Recipe's on your blog this April 2009. More entries per person are allowed.

(c) Link back to this RCI-Pondicherry event announcement and to Lakshmi’s blog is a must.

(d) If you can include any regional info you would like to share about the Pondicherry cuisine in your post, it is very much appreciated.

(e) If you have any tip’s you wish to share on French dish, it will be so usefull.

(f) Use of the Logo to the event is also appreciated.Url of the logo image:

(g) I will also accept your old post’s, but you should link back to this announcement post and to Lakshmi’s blog.Re-Publishing old post’s for RCI-Pondicherry Cuisine will make me more happy!

(h) E-mail me to glassofhoney(AT)gmail(dot)com with SUBJECT as RCI-Pondicherry and along with the following details..
Your Name:
Your Blog Name:
Name of the Dish:
Link/URL of the Post:
Attach a Picture of the Dish. Size does not matter.

(i) Deadline for all the entries will be the 12'th of May-2009. I will do the roundup by 15'nth of May-2009.

(j) If you don't have a blog, but you want to be part of this wonderfull event, you can send me your Recipe along with the picture of the dish. Dont forget to mention your name and your location.

So Iam eagerly looking forward for your entries.
If you need any clarification’s on the above feel free to mail me glassofhoney(AT)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment below.

Its very Difficult to Google Search for Indo-Franco Cuisine, You yourself have to infuse French Ingredients in Indian Dish or infuse Indian Spices in French Dish. If you find the above difficult, you can send me Tamil / Kerala / Andhra Special Dish.


  1. Lavi, superb very eager, sure will send something definitely for this RCI, pondicherry ache:)

  2. Waiting for this announcement, I will send my French touch!

  3. One more thing, Why u didn't included Bengal cuisine, it is one of the predominant cuisine in Pondy now!

  4. YAYYYYYY!!! I was going to make something French Shrimp thingie but only Eggs are allowed. I guess I will have to improvise and I surely will send you one! :))

  5. Sounds great this event is as interesting as Pondy itself.. Shall try to send you some recipes...

  6. Nice theme again! Will send something :)

  7. Priya, Cham --- Let's get charged, as it is our own cuisine..

    Asha..Sorry to disppoint you with Non-Vegetarian Rule! But Yet, we can discover many in Veg, isnt it?

    Ramya..Do try to send me..Iam sure you will enjoy cooking for the event!

    Uma..Glad to hear from you, sure iam expecting a variety from you!

  8. i do not know if Pondicherry cuisine is different from Tamilnadu. Let me explore...

  9. Congrats! on the Click win. the photo was beautiful. The Spicy Pepper curry has me drooling.

  10. Happy hosting with the events! Will send in something!

  11. yes once again a good theme will send you some soon

  12. Wow..nice info about Pondicherry. Will def try to send something.

  13. Thats a wonderful place to know about! Awesome cuisine! Good luck hosting Lavi! :)

  14. You've set up a nice, interesting challenge here.....have to think of a way to French-ify Indian cuisine.

  15. I have a post that is full of my memories of some food in Pondicherry even though the food isn't typically Pondicherry. Is that OK? It will come up on the 30th.

  16. Hmm - I havent been to Pondi and a little bleak on Pondi cuisine - but let me try something.


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