Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deep Fried Tofu - A Crisp Japanese Starter and CLICK -Spring/Autumn

Mango season is just a week away. Iam waiting for the Ripe Sweet Yellow Mangoes. Here is a small Manga Tale..

Manga's with their Senior

Small Raw Mango, called as Vadumanga in Tamil, along with its Senior Raw Mango, with a back shot of where they came from. Picturised from our terrace.

Small Mango : Senior, see my friends in our Tree are asking us to come back. Shall we go?

Senior Mango : No day they will come here to join us. till then we shall wait here.

Do you feel any other conversation apart from this?
Now this small tale telling picture has to go for Click Spring/Autumn hosted by Bee and Jai.


Fried Tofu

I got this recipe from Here. These Deep Fried Tofu are called as "Tofu no Otoshiage". the recipe call's for some Fish. but i tried it with Tofu and Leek, which is called as Negi in Japan.



Tofu- 50 gms (Shredded)
Leek/Negi - 2tbsp ( Finely Chopped)
Salt - a pinch
Egg - 1 Beaten (little is enough)
Corn Flour - 2 tsp


Mix all the ingredients togeather. Add beaten egg a little, so that you can shape the Tofu in a ball shape. shape the tofu's like ball's. Heat the oil in a pan, and deep fry them in slow flame.
now the crispy, tasty, instant japanese starter is ready in a jiffy.

Eggless Version: ( From Sathya )

add gram flour, green chilli's and little chilli powder to the crumbled tofu, wrap them up with bread crumbs and fry till they turn golden colour in slow flame.

Fried Tofu - Japanese Starter

I really loved these sinfull deep fried tofu ball's. it was crispy in outer and spongy inside. Leek certainly added a difference. Now this is my entry for A.W.E.D - Japan. event started my DK.

japan A.W.E.D LOGO
The Deadline for A.W.E.D - Japan is nearing, its just 5 days away. so keep rushing your entrie's.


  1. Love the mango trees heavy with fruits, reminds me of grandparents home. Lovely Tofu Vadas! :)

  2. Asha akka..Do u have any special software, on getting the feed's. I really wonder, how you catch up feed's first.

    Thanks! and even my Grandparent's house got 2 mango tree's, which will be full of mangoes, during the season. I really Miss them..

  3. Can i come and pluck those mangoes from the tree, looks beautiful.

  4. Thank You HC..But you should ask my neighbour:)

  5. I am drooling over your mango pictures Lavi. I miss the mango season in India. Great tofu dish. Sounds scrumptious with leeks. I must try it out soon :)

  6. beautiful click and lovely and crisp tofu starter love to have with a cup of coffee

  7. Loved the manga click and sweet story!

  8. Deep fried tofu looks so crispy and soft inside! delicious fritters Lavi, mango trees reminds me my grandma's home!

  9. VEry creative and b'ful click for Spring theme!
    Vadu manga pickle is my fav one!!
    Tofu vadas look brilliant..Haven't explored japanese cooking yet..I'm still searching for vegetarian japanese recipe..Lemme see if i could think of something!

  10. Oh wow Iam on my eat all the drooling mangoes.....What a pic dear....You made me remember all my childhood days.....Tofu vada looks awesome....

  11. Gita..i always gaze at mango trees full of mangoe's..Glad u liked it.

    Thanks Subhie!

    Yes Rekha, it is a healthy tiffin!

    Glad u mentioned about the story Sharmilee!!

    Priya..So we are all missing mango tree's of our grandparents!

    That's a brief compliment from u Madhu:) Thank's! You should try to send me both a Japanese dish and Pondicherry dish..

    KF..Children's in Inida, always have a story with a mango tree. Waiting for the season!!

  12. wish I had that mango tree in my backyard...tofu looks so tempting..

  13. Nice mango saga :) the pics....fritters looks so gud

  14. I am missing the mangoes season lavi....Nice clicks..Crispy and yummy starter..

  15. The Starter is so divine mouthwatering... they look crispy and turned to a nice brown color... Nice pics for entry...

  16. That looks perfect for theme! Ha ha mango I am gonna land to ur neighbor door soon! The tofu snack is lovely!

  17. all those pics r just awesome......!Nice dish!

  18. Wonderful clicks Lavi! You are tempting me with the mangoes picture! :)

  19. Mango tale is so funny! That's a lovely click. Deep-fried tofu looks like vadas. Mouth-watering :)

  20. Lavi they are such lovely pictures!

  21. This is something I can make for my in laws to get them over their aversion for tofu! Perfect.

  22. Thank you for Such wonderful information….and if you are a FOODIE, just like me, Check out the blog mentioned below, its really cool. Its got some really cool recipes …….Enjoy !!!!

  23. Hi Lavi,
    I started visiting ur blog for few receipes and its today i tried Deep fried Tofu. It came out very well. I just modified the receipe a bit by adding gram flour,green chillies, chilli powder and bread crumbs and thereby avoided egg. It was a big hit in my family though they never liked to have tofu. I saw ur coconut sambar receipe too. Would try very soon n would post u regarding that. Your receipes are good and keep going!!!!


  24. Hi Sathya..

    Great to hear from you, loved your veg version, will try it and will update your recipe twist.
    Glad that your family liked it.

    Do try Coconut Milk Sambhar, the mild taste and different aroma will make you fall in love with it. Keep Visiting!


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