Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thai Eggplant Curry with Noodle's

It's Very Hot Here at Chennai, I could'nt even stand and cook more than 10 minute's in my kitchen, It's so Hot. I have simplified our meal's, and its getting done early in the morning to avoid the heat. Curd Rice is divine these day's and thank God, my husband never complain's even i serve him only curd rice and some fruit salad.

I know, Blog World is caught up with Thai Fever spread by Priya, iam no where a standalone. Also My friend's please have some Japan Fever and Pondicherry Fever, Iam sure, you will enjoy cooking for all the event's lined up this month.

Basil Infused Thai Green Eggplant Curry

Thai Eggplant Curry on Noodle's, tasted so Good, that i must say, iam greatly attracted to the Thai Cuisine. I have even found a Thai Restaurant nearby, have to plan a visit there.

Thai Green Curry Tin

What You Need to Prepare this Thai Eggplant Curry Noodle's:

Thai Green Curry - 200 ml / 7 fl oz
Thai Eggplant - 2 (cut them in cube shape)
Noodle's (Rice Noodle's Preferred, but i used Hakka Noodle's)
Basil - to garnish

How to Prepare:

Prepare the Noodle's as per the packet instruction's and keep it aside.

In a Pan, have the Thai Green Curry and Eggplant's. Let it Boil and reduce the flame and cover the pan with a lid, so that the eggplant's get cooked fast. It get's cooked in 5-7 minute's.

Add Basil to garnish and serve on Noodle's. you can also mix the curry with the noodle's, for a uniform taste.


isnt the recipe so simple. You can also add other vegetable's, like capsicum/Bell pepper's, Baby Corn, Tofu, Carrot etc.

How it Tasted?

It's the Goodness of coconut milk, that enhanced the taste of the curry. the spice level was very much like our's. and additionally a sweet and sour taste really highlighted up the curry.
The eggplant, absorbed the gravy and tasted very good with the Noodle's. the guilty part is it had more oil content. but when we prepare at home, we can decide, how much oil should go in.

Thai Curry with Eggplant on Noodle's

Me and my son like it a lot, we actually licked the plate:) If you wonder, How to prepare Thai Green Curry, you can find it here at Jugalbandi.

Now this Thai Special board's on to reach Dear Priya for her IAVW-Thai. Event started by Dear Vaishali.

Looking Forward for your RCI-Pondicherry Entrie's and A.W.E.D - Japan Entrie's.
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