Friday, June 5, 2009

Home made Karuvepillai Podi and Curry Leaf Rice

karuvepillai podi

Home made are always best and you need not shed extra money to vendor's for the old packed one's. with this Curry leaf powder, i am starting to prepare all my podi at home.

My ammumma used to prepare and send me this Karivepillai podi when i was in hostel. My bottle of curry leaf powder get's over within 2 day's, which the same bottle, now takes a month to finish at home. I also add this Karivepillai podi to my kuzhambhu/curry, which really enhances the taste and makes the kuzhambhu little thick.

curry leaf powder

 The recipe is so simple with just four ingredient's. Curry Leaf, Tuvar Dal, Urad Dal and Pepper. Are you wondering about other ingredient's...curry Leaf is flavourfull and digestion friendly leaf. so there is no need for dhania/corriander seed's and cumin. If you want a bit of tangy taste, add a bit of tamarind and Grind along with other ingredient's. Since we add pepper, its a great appetizer starter. so start the meal with karuvepilai sadam.

Ingredients for curry leaves powder

2 Cup's of curry leaf (washed and drained)
1/2 Cup of tuvar dal / thuvaram paruppu
1/2  Cup of whole urad dal / muzhu ulundhu
1 Tbsp of Pepper
1 Tbsp of Rock Salt
3 dry red chilli
1/4 tsp of asafoetida powder

Method of Preparation:

karuvepillai podi

* First wash the curry leaves thoroughly and drain them. dry under sun for about 1 hour.

* In a pan, fry the tuvar dal and urad dal till they attain golden color. remove and cool.

* Fry pepper and dry red chilli, till they get heated and start's popping up. remove and cool.

* Fry the dried curry leaves in slow flame for half a minute, till they emit nice aroma and turn crispser.

* Now Cool them all and Grind along with Rock Salt and asafoetida powder. Grind them into fine powder.

Curry Leaf Rice:

When you want to mix this Karivepakku podi with Rice, add little oil(sesame oil preferred) to the rice and cool it for 5 minutes. then mix the Karivepakku Podi with Rice. add a bit of ghee when you are mixing for kid's.

This is best with Idli, Dosa's and when you have it as Curry Leaf Rice, add Roasted Peanut's to get a crunch in between. it can be served along with Mixture.

Now Iam sending this Curry Leaf Rice to Nag's for her MM-Ravishing Rice event started by Meeta and to Sowmya for her SWC-Green's event.


  1. I love that rice must have been having wonderful Taste

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm i can smell the aroma...looks so awesome....

  3. Thats very nice the flavors..simple and delicious

  4. Yummy rice Lavi...adding karuveppilai podi to kozumbu sounds so delicious...I must try that soon :)

  5. rice looks delicious all photoa

  6. I love karuveppilai podi! Saadham super-a irukku!

  7. Yes TASTED Good! My little one also loved it.

    KF..i was drooling over your karivepakku podi on today's post. Thanks!

    Thanks Parita:)

    Gita..You got to belieave me and try it. it really works!

    Thank You RC:)

    Nandri Kalai:)

  8. Superb aromatic rice..awesome clicks!

  9. this is so healthy..i got a bunch of curry leaves going to make this one soon..thanks a ton for sending this for the green event...

  10. Pics look gorgeous,and this is the healthiest podi of all,looks great!

  11. Thanks Priya!

    Do Try this and Let me know Sowmya! you are always welcome!

    Thanks Rak's!

  12. Amma made this for me this time I visited India. Rice looks too good with the podi!

  13. It's really looking wonderful. I am impressed. I visited rakhi festival gifting site, it has nice gifts for rakhi.

  14. Lovely color. Nice presentation.

  15. Home mades are really Good is'nt it Divya!

    Thanks Deepa!

    Ammu..Thank U!

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